GainChanger strengthens AI offering with Analitigo partnership

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Broadening horizons through partnership

Simon BonelloGain Changer, Ltd. is proud to announce its new partnership with Analitigo, leading research and development consultancy with a strong focus on the application of AI to real-world problems.

“This partnership will allow us to improve our services with machine learning technologies. Giving us the possibility to present relevant and actionable information as well as correlate how changes in search engines will impact our clients.” – Simon Bonello, GainChanger Co Founder.

“Through our partnership with GainChanger we will be broadening our horizons and adapting our AI skillset to the ever-changing field of search engine optimisation.” Dr. Michaela Spiteri, Founder.

About Analitigo

Founded by Dr. Michaela Spiteri, Analitigo is a research and development consultancy that specializes in the development and implementation of AI technologies in the healthcare domain and for other real-world problems.

About GainChanger

GainChanger transfers years of expertise in SEO, affiliation & marketing into fully fledged digital professionals. Allowing organisations to do the work of huge marketing teams cheaper, fast and better. All without without adjusting personnel numbers.

About AIBC Summit:

AIBC Summit is the emerging tech destination for leading brands in the sector, held in both Malta and Manila.  The event brings together thought leaders in the blockchain and AI space.  Join us at the first edition of Manila AIBC Summit, the future tech event of the year, set to take place on the 08-09 June 2020.

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