Prodigy vocalist releases NFT artwork

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Ravindu Dabarera

Singer Maxim launches a series of NFT artworks in collaboration with digital artist WLS, based on his latest exhibition

Maxim_Reality,_German_tour,_2009The Prodigy vocalist Maxim is digitalising his exhibition “Hope”, which could be attended both online and at the 99 Projects gallery in London. The exhibition, made in collaboration with artist Dan Pearce, contained 50 sculptures which represented the hope of people fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent hardships.

The sculptures were based off a representation of Dan Pearce’s son wearing a gas mask and preparing to pull the pin off a grenade. Within the grenade, a heart represented the hope given through vaccinations as pandemic measures and lockdown are ceasing around the world.

16 unique grenades in 1/1 and ½ copies have now been made accessible as NFT on Friday via the platform Rarible in collaboration with WLS. The value of the NFT versions is enhanced by animations and musical compositions by Maxim engraved into the token.

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