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WordPress has unveiled a new generative AI tool named “Jetpack AI Assistant”, which is now readily available to help users create and edit blog posts through features that enhance marketing, security and anti-spam efforts.

Jetpack will be available through a plugin seamlessly integrating into WordPress’s user interface.

Though to be derived from similar generative AI models OpenAI’s large language model (LLM) chatbot, ChatGPT, no specific information has been provided by the content management provider.

Visibly, Jetpack functions much like its AI counterparts, making use of prompts before churning out directed content at an exceptionally high quality. The platform can even tailor and refine text to match a certain style and tone making it highly adaptive and incredibly useful when a writer is attempting to engage a particular audience.

Currently supporting an impressive 12 languages, the tool is claimed to be capable of rectifying spelling and grammatical errors while facilitating intuitive translation between any combination of the 12 available languages.

The tool is intended to empower writers to focus on creating content in their native language, while still allowing them the same opportunities to market their content across markets making use of quality content in alternate languages.

WordPress are adamant about emphasising the intuitive nature of Jetpack, characterising it as a “creative writing partner” that does not remove the requirements of a writer but assists them in the process, making the production of diverse content a far more streamlined endeavour.

In the inauguration of this tool, WordPress has joined a host of tech companies in embracing and harnessing the impressively exponential features of generative AI. A group that includes such influential organisations as Grammarly and the Microsoft Corporation.

Experts have analysed these developments in generative AI and perhaps surprisingly cast them in a positive light.

Josh Koenig, co-founder & chief strategy officer at WebOps platform Pantheon, has stated that although these strides in development are comprehensive and decisive, this does not negate the need for content creators:

With AI taking over more of the grunt work of putting together individual insights, creators’ work will become more interesting and strategic. Creators will need to upskill, as more and more purely operational tasks are automated. The human value-add will be in creativity and decision-making.

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