Tech Hunter Tony Ventura unveils AI tools for business growth

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In a keynote presentation at the AIBC Europe summit by Tony Ventura, a renowned tech hunter and international speaker from Brazil, a suite of powerful AI tools was unveiled to revolutionise business strategies. From voice cloning to behavior analysis, these tools promise to reshape how companies approach communication, sales, and customer engagement.

Voice Cloning with Eleven Labs

Ventura kicked off the session by introducing Eleven Labs, a game-changing tool capable of cloning voices with AI. With a mere two-minute video, users can replicate almost any voice, including prominent figures like Donald Trump. The simplicity of the process opens up endless possibilities for creative content and personalised messaging. Multilingual Avatars for Dynamic Content

Ventura seamlessly integrated into the mix, showcasing how it can be paired with Eleven Labs for multilingual avatars. By utilising, users can effortlessly create avatars that mimic real-time lip-syncing in multiple languages. This combination becomes a powerful tool for businesses aiming to connect with diverse audiences and enhance global communication.

Lusha and Crystal Knows: Streamlining Outreach and Tailoring Sales Approaches

Ventura introduced Lusha, a contact-finding tool that simplifies the process of obtaining contact information from various websites. This valuable resource streamlines prospecting efforts, making it easier to connect with potential clients. Complementing this, Crystal Knows emerged as a potent tool for understanding human behaviour online, providing insights into individuals’ preferences, strengths, and communication styles. Particularly useful for high-ticket sales, Crystal Knows empowers businesses to tailor their approach for maximum impact. Transforming Verbal Ideas into Polished Text

Ventura then highlighted, a tool that transforms spoken words into polished text. By leveraging this AI-driven transcription service, users can articulate their ideas, pitches, or even book concepts verbally. The resulting transcripts can serve as the foundation for written content, making communication more accessible and efficient.

Yesware Email Tracker: Optimising Follow-Ups for Sales Success

Ventura emphasised the importance of strategic follow-ups in sales, introducing Yesware Email Tracker. This tool allows users to track when recipients open their emails, providing an opportune moment for follow-up calls. By capitalising on real-time engagement, businesses can enhance their communication strategies and increase the chances of successful conversions.

Cove: Integrating News and Contacts for Timely Outreach

Ventura concluded the presentation with Cove, an innovative CRM app that integrates online news with users’ phone agendas. This tool notifies users when there are relevant news updates about their contacts, offering an ideal opportunity to reach out and engage in timely discussions. Cove adds a layer of contextual intelligence to sales and relationship management.

Tony Ventura’s presentation showcased a toolbox of AI solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, providing businesses with the means to amplify their communication, understand human behaviour, and streamline outreach efforts. These tools offer a glimpse into the future of tech-enabled business growth, where creativity, personalisation, and strategic engagement take centre stage.

Budapest, Hungary event


Budapest, Hungary

02 - 04 September 2024