Lasting engagement over larger reach

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The AIBC Europe Summit was kicked off in a hotly anticipated fashion when the first day of conferences got underway, with a succinct and comprehensive set of incisive industry-leading panel discussions and keynote addresses.

One particular panel took a deeper delve into Web3 marketing strategies and how to build a robust community.

This intriguingly fresh topic brought, Yun Cai, the Global Business Development – Asia Head for BeInCrypto and Maryna Barysheva, COO of LKI Consulting together for the panel which was moderated by Alexander Belov, the Founder of Coinstelegram Media & Fund.

Bull run market

After some brief introductions, the panel delved into the current short bull run on the crypto markets, a topic on which Belov was anxious to get the panellist’s opinions.

Maryna explained that this is not a factor that has yet affected the marketing spending, budgets or strategies.

Cai explained that there are clear minor differences but nowadays long-term strategies such as branding and improved preparation are more powerful.

Long-term strategies a priority

She explained that the first bull market induced a much stronger reaction, however, after enduring a long-standing bear market, the longer-term marketing strategies had a greater effect.

Making a point about influencer Marketing, Barysheva explained that improving the quality and value of the message and the way it is communicated, she stressed:

“Getting a user is the easiest thing, what you want to do is create higher quality and more diverse forms of engagement.”

Lasting engagement

Although the bull run is quite powerful it is advised by both Cai and Barysheva to take more time to build real and lasting engagement that remains consistent.

“Nothing is going to happen if you don’t do your foundational work”

Consistency was also a point made by Cai, explaining that SEO or Google’s algorithms prefer organic copy and engagement as opposed to a more commercial copy that is not as informative or engaging with perhaps a bigger reach.


Cai also made a point of expressing how important someone who manages a social media channel to have succinct industry knowledge.

Make sure the manager of your channel is an expert on the subject and able to answer any questions and understand any movements in the industry.

Another one is to moderate the channel and package the information in a way which is engaging and remains interesting for the users who have already been engaged

AIBC Europe

The AIBC Europe conference is being held at the MMH, Marsa, Malta between the 14th and 16th.