Top VIP speakers headlining the AIBC Malta Week Summit

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Following the previous successes of the Dubai, Toronto and Balkans AIBC Summits, SiGMA Group is gearing up for its flagship event. The very best names in Crypto, Blockchain and Emerging Technologies have been gathered together for Malta Week 2022 this November. Check out the upcoming list for VIP speakers you will get to meet during the show.

Prof. Scott Stornetta – Partner and Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners

Scott Stornetta

When it comes to Blockchain, no summit is complete without the presence of Prof. Scott Stornetta. Alongside Stuart Haber, he kickstarted the dream for Blockchain as a pursuit for a digital hierarchy system with digital time stamps, an integral solution against the manipulation of digital records. With their 1991 paper, How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document, they set the foundation for the novel technology that ended up disrupting the modern world. Stornetta debuted the oldest running blockchain in 1995, as a project under Surety Technologies.

Stornetta is now a Partner and Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners. He was a key guest at some of our previous summits, such as the AIBC Dubai Summit of 2021 and the 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit. He will be returning to AIBC this year as a VIP speaker.

Andrew Shatyrko – Founder of Shatyrko Agency and Influence Valley

Andrew Shatyrko

Andrew Shatyrko is an emerging tech speaker, educator and influencer who has established a massive following. He is the Founder of Shatyrko Agency. With 12 years of expertise and over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Andrew offers marketing solutions for Web3 projects. Onstage, he has addressed millions on Web3, the Metaverse, Crypto and Blockchain technologies.

Nick Spanos – Bitcoin Pioneer

AIBC community

As a pioneering Bitcoin enthusiast, Nick is well-defined by his firm belief in Crypto and Blockchain technologies revolutionising the economies of the future. He is best known as the founder of the globe’s first physical Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin Center New York City, in 2013 alongside the late Andrew Martin. Since then, he also founded Blockchain Technologies Corporation and co-founded

Spanos is no stranger to public appearances. He has come onstage several times, advocating for more widespread attention and acceptance of Bitcoin and voicing support to policies such as an open currency and market. He has been featured on Netflix’s Banking on Bitcoin documentary. Furthermore, he has spoken at and given keynotes during past AIBC events, such as the 2021 Europe Summit on the autonomy of Blockchain and Crypto, along with innovation without permission.

Rick Ellis – CPO of Ryu Games

Rick Ellis is the CPO of Ryu Games, who are developing the WEB3 game launcher Flame. Described as the “Steam of Web3”, Flame is a non-custodial multi-chain wallet designed for games that use Blockchain technology, such as NFTs and cryptocurrency. 

Starting as an embedded hardware and firmware engineer in the telecommunications industry, the veteran developer has a lot of experience when it comes to leading major projects, like the development of Valve Software’s gaming and marketplace platform Steam. Rick also founded Sharkbite Games with his wife Susan Mackey-Ellis in 2016, focusing on mobile games. This November, Rick is bringing over 25 years of biz-dev, gaming and technology expertise to Malta as a VIP speaker.

Megan Nilsson – Crypto Influencer and Speaker

Megan Nilsson

Known online as Crypto Megan, Megan Nilsson is an entrepreneurial force of nature behind Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web3. She is a high-end Crypto and NFT consultant for companies, investors and celebrities, an investor in Crypto and a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Doodles and World of Women, among many other NFTs. She has hosted many fireside chats with various industry leaders.

Megan is currently on a worldwide Web 3.0 speaking tour, covering the highest quality Web 3.0, tech and fintech events, simultaneously advocating for women in Web 3.0 as a keynote speaker and panellist. She aims to inspire new pioneers to get involved in the crypto and NFT space with quality, trustworthy information. This November will not be Megan’s first experience as an AIBC speaker, having joined the Balkans AIBC Summit last August as both a speaker and a panellist.

Want more of Megan? You can catch her latest interview in the upcoming issue of BLOCK Magazine, coming to print and online this November during Malta Week.

James Far – Founder and CEO of MagicCraft Ltd.

James Far

James Far is well-known on the web as James Crypto Guru. He is a multi-industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience. With over 76K subscribers on YouTube, James is one of the most prolific influencers and advisors for emerging technologies. Since he started his Web3 journey in 2012, he became an advocate for education, investment and innovation in the Game-Fi, play-to-earn (P2E) and Web3 gaming sectors. Through the James Crypto Guru Academy, he has trained thousands of students, enabling them to trade profitably.

He has recently founded MagicCraft Ltd., a P2E game inspired by World of Warcraft and Mobile Legends which allows players to build, own and monetize their gaming experiences. Besides being a P2E game, this massive project is also an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem with its own virtual worlds, Metaverse, NFTs and staking system.

James was involved in the AIBC Americas 2022 Summit as a panellist. He was also a guest during an episode for the AIBC Podcast. You can also catch an interview with the Crypto Guru in this November’s upcoming issue of BLOCK Magazine.

Davinci Jeremie – Founder of Davinci Codes

Davinci JeremieWith over one million followers across YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, Davinci Jeremie is among the biggest crypto educators in the world. He is a software developer, Crypto trader, and founder of Davinci Codes. An award-winning influencer, he originally dedicated his channel to silver and gold investments. Since the rise of Bitcoin, he has shifted his focus to all things Crypto.

Making his fortune as an early Crypto investor, Davinci was originally sceptical of Bitcoin, calling it a scam. He analysed the currency using his expertise as a software developer, ultimately concluding it was a legitimate and worthy investment. Catch more of Davinci from the AIBC Dubai 2021 panel below!

Ivan Liljeqvist – CEO of Moralis Web3

Ivan Liljeqvist

Ivan Liljeqvist is a speaker, educator, developer and data scientist of international fame, with over 491K subscribers on YouTube. His channel covers a plethora of Blockchain and Crypto topics, such as market projections and news analysis on the recent major crypto hacks. Ivan is also the CEO of Moralis Web3. Moralis Web3 is an innovative development platform that offers the crucial tools a user needs to develop decentralized applications (dapps). SiGMA Group is ecstatic to welcome Ivan aboard as a VIP speaker for AIBC Malta Week 2022.

Dustin Plantholt – Founder and CEO of Crypterns

An all too familiar face at AIBC events, SiGMA Group is happy to welcome Dustin Plantholt to Malta Week once again! Known as the Count of Monte Crypto, Dustin is an award-winning influencer and digital asset enthusiast. He is the Founder and CEO of, as well as Life’s Tough Media and

Dustin Plantholt is a firm believer in human connections forming the dynamo core of success in life. He has lived his life advising and promoting individuals who achieved several milestones for mankind, such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He has appeared several times at multiple events around the globe as a speaker, panellist and moderator. In this particular clip from the AIBC Dubai 2022 Summit, he hosted a fireside chat with the iconic celebrity Akon!

Marija Rucevska – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Helve

Marija Rucevska

Marija Rucevska’s positive effect on the innovation scene in Latvia and the Baltics is undeniable. Her contributions have been crucial to the growth of non-profit organisations like TechChill. Marija is Co-Founder of both Helve and the TechChill Foundation. Helve is a strategic innovation company providing end-to-end services in aid of growing organisations through transformation, communication and strategic partnerships. Similarly, TechChill is the leading platform in the Baltics for matching start-up entrepreneurs with interested investors.

There is no doubt of the common ground that exists between Marija’s philosophy and AIBC’s. We at SiGMA Group have always considered the AIBC Summit as the premier meeting-point between tech start-ups and investors, making entrepreneurial giants like Marija Rucevska experts after our own heart.

Max Krupyshev – Leader and Co-Founder of CoinsPaid

Max Krupyshev

Having been involved with Bitcoin since 2013, Max is a leading industry entrepreneur. As an expert Crypto enthusiast, he has founded the Bitcoin Foundation in Ukraine and Satoshi Square in Kiev whilst working for a number of major BTC mining operations like and Since 2019, Max has led CoinsPaid with the goal to provide smooth cryptocurrency payment solutions in synergy with the traditional economy. CoinsPaid provides a financial ecosystem providing a cryptocurrency payment gateway, B2C wallet and related services.

Max Krupyshev is yet another familiar face at AIBC Summits. He has shared his expertise before on crucial Crypto and Blockchain topics, such as high risks digital payments. He will be returning to Malta Week this year as a VIP speaker.

Join us for the AIBC Malta Summit, 16 – 18 November 2022 at the Hilton Malta Hotel

Besides its status as a business hub, Malta is the European centre of innovation for crypto, blockchain and emerging tech. This November, the island will be hosting the globe’s brightest thought leaders for premium networking opportunities and top-tier exhibitions. Be sure to visit our website and buy the perfect ticket for you.