Unleashing the Potential: Web3, AI, and the Metaverse in Africa

In a recent keynote address at the AIBC Africa summit, David Palmer, CPO of PairPoint by Vodafone, shed light on the transformative opportunities Web3, AI, and the Metaverse hold for Africa’s economic growth. As the world undergoes rapid technological advancements, Palmer emphasizes the need for Africa to harness these innovations to leapfrog into a new […]

Metaverse, Web3 developments in the pipeline for Dubai, says Marwan Al Zarouni

From blockchain to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dubai is in full force to embrace emerging technology such as the metaverse and virtual reality experience, according to Dubai Blockchain Center CEO Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni. Speaking during a fireside chat with Draper Goren Holm founder Josef Holm at the AIBC Eurasia happening at the Intercontinental Hotel Festival […]

Metaverse: The future and the blockchain

The AIBC Americas – Brazilian iGaming Summit’s third day simply did not disappoint, bringing a far more poised focus on Web3 technologies. As part of these invaluable insights, the SiGMA/BiS stage saw a panel dedicated to understanding the part Web3 technology has played in the progression of the Metaverse. Disrupting the World of Web3 Gaming […]

Spotlight on metaverse during Malta Institute of Accountants forum

Emerging technologies and the metaverse were the topics discussed during a forum hosted by the Young Members Focus Group of the Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA). The forum also addressed the advancement in blockchain and AI. The forum discussed how the metaverse, blockchain and NFTS are bringing new realities in the space of digital ownership […]

Samsung to develop cutting-edge metaverse hardware solutions

The Korean mobile company Samsung in partnership with Google has announced that it would soon enter the metaverse and VR headset markets The business revealed that it is already developing “extended reality” gear, which may be a reference to the creation of a VR headset. This alliance between Samsung and Google is crucial as it […]

What you need to know about Dubai’s Metaverse Strategy

Always at the forefront of innovation especially with regards to all things Blockchain, the Emirate of Dubai has put forward a novel strategy to take advantage of the hyper-accelerating growth of the Metaverse. With the UAE already seeing 1,000 companies in this nascent sector headquartered within its jurisdiction, one can only imagine how central the […]

World Economic Forum launches initiative to build a better Metaverse

With Davos buzzing with activity because of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, a surprising entry has made its way onto the agenda of the world’s most prominent platform for economics, the Metaverse. The WEF lays the foundations for a new iteration of the Metaverse In an initiative that seeks to bridge together key stakeholders […]

Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFTs: March 2022 Digest

The world of the Metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs is constantly moving with new and interesting things happening around the clock. AIBC brings you this handy monthly roundup of the most important and ground-breaking news from the Web3 landscape. This month South Korea has committed a sizeable chunk of money to creating a national Metaverse project. […]

What is NFT Virtual Land and How to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse?

Metaverse is red hot right now. Everyone wants a piece and the best pieces are NFT virtual land parcels. These plots of virtual land allow one to have a really visible presence in the virtual world. Virtual galleries, museums, and online casinos are all popping up. Events, hanging out, working, and much more can be […]

Living in the Past: the Metaverse and gamified education

In an AIBC opinion piece, we illustrate how emerging interactive technologies such as AR, VR and the Metaverse have the potential to overhaul one of the most vital and fundamental pillars of the economy’s success; Education Education has long been dominated by classroom after classroom using legacy systems to handle possibly one of the most […]

Metaverse Gaming: How Gaming Industry Prepares Itself For Web 3.0 And Blockchain

Metaverse is also about gaming. Here’s how the world prepares to provide entertainment to the future of the internet. Game-Fi Startup DEA Collects $12M For PlayMining Gaming Metaverse As a member of the GameFi community, Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) is a company that is headquartered in the GameFi hub and is based in New York. […]

The Guide to Metaverse Marketplaces & Worlds

Metaverse consists of many marketplaces where people can trade NFTs and other digital goods. Some already exist, some are in conception. Permissionless: Blockwork, Banless & Coinbase Come Together A three-day conference taking place May 17-19, 2022, in Palm Beach, FL, will be presented by Bankless and Blockchain. Coinbase will be the presenting sponsor of the […]

Metaverse News, Events, and Developments For January 2022

Metaverse is the world’s latest craze and the apparent direction the internet will take. Consequently, everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon. Here are the Metaverse events that marked January 2022. Terraform Labs Devotes $4 Billion For Terra Development Terraform Labs, the company producing the Terra blockchain, will provide 50 million LUNA (over $4 billion) as part […]

Paying your way through Cyberspace: Crypto-Wallet and Computecoin token launched for the Metaverse

Computcoin has just launched a digital wallet using blockchain technology to allow Metaverse users to send and receive funding Mark Zuckerberg’s cutting-edge initiative to launch a virtual space that can be experienced through both virtual and augmented reality has taken another step forward with the creation of Ale Wallet, a crypto wallet that can send […]

Tech experts sign on for AIBC Asia conference

Last minute passes are still up for grabs for the AIBC Asia conference taking place in Manila this February. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of the digital revolution by grabbing your last-minute tickets before they vanish. With ticket prices set to continue to increase as the event nears inception, it’s time to […]

VIP lineup announced for AIBC Asia Sports and Tech conference

Household names from the sports and entertainment industries will join an all-star lineup of speakers headlining the AIBC Asia conference taking place this June 4th and 5th at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila.  Three panels scheduled for the opening day of the conference will explore the intersection of sports and tech, showcasing how Web3 […]

Bitcoin halving’s impact on blockchain gaming: Insights from YGG’s Gabby Dizon

As the crypto world braces for the impact of the anticipated Bitcoin halving event, Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games (YGG), sheds light on how this phenomenon is set to catalyse innovation within the blockchain gaming sector.   In an interview with AIBC News, Dizon points out that the Bitcoin halving event can have a significant impact on […]

The convergence between AI and blockchain: Keynote by Marcello Mari

Marcello Mari, the founder of SingularityDAO, a decentralised Portfolio Management Protocol, highlighted the transformative impact of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. In his keynote speech at the AIBC Eurasia 2024 in Dubai, Mari shared why there was a surge in interest surrounding AI in the past year. “2023 has seen the rise […]

Enigmatic travels of Shytoshi Kusama: message from El Salvador

Shytoshi Kusama’s latest location update places him in El Salvador, a country that has embraced Bitcoin as a national means of exchange and does not allow any altcoins. Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous lead developer of the Shiba Inu team, has been intriguing the SHIB Army with his cryptic travels. His geolocation status on the Twitter/X […]

Standard Chartered to launch crypto fund in UAE

SC Ventures, the fintech investment arm of Standard Chartered, is set to establish a “Digital Asset Joint Venture” investment company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The collaboration with Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings signals a strategic foray into diverse sectors, including market infrastructure, risk management, compliance tools, DeFi, tokenization, consumer payments, and the metaverse. […]

AIBC Pitch finalists announced for Europe summit

The excitement is palpable as the finalists for the AIBC Pitch competition, centered on innovation and emerging technologies, have been unveiled. This dynamic event serves as a global platform, propelling innovative concepts to the forefront. Beyond the competition, it offers an invaluable chance for startups to expand their horizons, network with industry peers, and establish […]

Markets Watch: ‘Big Tech’ earnings in focus

Financial performance of tech companies and major financial institutions holds a significant influence over the money markets. Earnings season serves as a window into the broader economic scenario. It isn’t solely about the numerical data; it’s equally about how investors perceive and react to the information once results are released. Anticipation of the ‘Big Tech’ […]

WhatsApp considering revenue boosting advertising

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service, is exploring the possibility of introducing ads within its app. This move, however, has stirred internal debates at parent company Meta, as it seeks to monetize this widely-used platform. Teams at Meta have been in discussions about the potential inclusion of advertisements in the WhatsApp chat screen, specifically […]

XRP outperforms Bitcoin, Ethereum as market rally fizzles

Ripple’s XRP outperformed most cryptocurrencies on Tuesday as the market-wide rally following the ruling of the lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission fizzled out. As of writing, XRP is trading at $0.75, jumping 7.23 percent in the past 24 hours and rising 69.61 percent in the past week. On the other hand, Bitcoin […]

Small country, big impact: Luxembourg spearheads investigation into Web3 and Blockchain

Luxembourg, a Western European country, is taking steps in response to individual jurisdictions within the European Union introducing dedicated cryptocurrency regulations. Shedding light on Web3 and Blockchain dynamics In a recent development, Luxembourg’s competition regulator, Autorité de la Concurrence, has initiated a market study focusing on Web3 and blockchain-based companies. The objective of the study […]

Reddit NFTs reach 10 million holders milestone

Collectible avatars of the popular social media platform Reddit have recently reached a major milestone of 10 million holders. According to data from Polygon Analytics via the blockchain analytics platform Dune, the number of Reddit collectible avatar holders currently stands at 10,029,018. The avatars, also known as “Reddit NFTs,” managed to achieve the figure only […]

P2E game Gods Unchained coming to iPhone, Android

Blockchain-enabled game Gods Unchained is planned for a release on Apple and Android mobile devices later this year, according to a post by executive producer Daniel Paez on the game’s official website. Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn (P2E) digital trading card game. The game launched in 2018 under a team led by former game director […]

IMPACT Wrestling to launch exclusive NFT collection featuring wrestling legends

IMPACT Wrestling announced plans to launch a series of NFTs with exclusive offerings on Thursday. The collection will feature exclusive digital collectables of some of the company’s biggest stars, including Mickie James and the company’s director of authority, Santino Marella. The Marella NFT will be released in June, with limited 100 copies. A second NFT […]

Sotheby’s launches on-chain secondary marketplace for NFT art

Renowned art auction house Sotheby’s has recently announced the launch of its new peer-to-peer and specially curated secondary marketplace for non-fungible tokens and digital artworks. Through its Web3 division, the auction house will enable collectors to sell and purchase directly on the new platform. The sales system will be fully on-chain, leveraging the Ethereum and […]

Fan tokens: Santos FC shakes up the gaming world

Santos FC, the Brazilian football powerhouse, has revealed plans to utilise its fan token in a gaming environment enabled by Web3 and the metaverse. Partnership with TOPGOAL and Binance powers up SANTOS FC fan token The Santos Fan Token, known as SANTOS, was launched in 2021, and according to a release from TOPGOAL and a […]

Digital asset Sygnum Bank launches in the United Arab Emirates

Switzerland’s Sygnum Bank has opened in the United Arab Emirates. The digital asset financial institution’s new premises is in the Abu Dhabi Global Market. The strategic expansion to the Middle East will tap into the high net worth population. The bank will offer “crypto and digital asset” wealth management in the region. This move has […]

Blockchain technology; Future risks and rewards

Day 2 of the AIBC Eurasia Summit played host to a multitude of fascinatingly insightful panel discussions, industry leading knowledge and innovative ideas. The panel that took the main stage early into the afternoon, “The Future of Blockchain technology: Trends and predictions” was by no means an exception. The panel consisted of some leading industry […]

Jimmy Nguyen: “Bitcoin is a force that wants to comply with law”

On day 2 of the sensational AIBC Eurasia Summit held in Dubai, the CEO of Blockchain for all, Jimmy Nguyen took to the main stage to give his zealously delivered speech on regulatory compliance in the crypto space, “Law and Ledgers: Blockchain Technology for Compliance”. Compliance especially in the crypto space in regards to Anti-Money Laundering […]

UAE to launch Digital Assets Oasis in Ras al Khaimah

The United Arab Emirates has announced that it is to launch a “Digital Assets Oasis” in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. It will be the world’s first free zone dedicated to digital and virtual asset projects. We are proud to further the UAE’s position as a primary destination for innovation with the launch of […]

Uma Hagenguth

Uma is Co-founder & COO at APPICS, a web3 development company based in Zug, Switzerland and she is Board member at L1-Blockchain Telos. She’s been fulltime in the blockchain space since 2016 and co-founded her company in 2018. APPICS is most well known for their reward-based social media dApp APPICS which launched on the App […]

Jorge Carrasco

Jorge Carrasco is a Blockchain and Web3 expert and enthusiast, with more than 15 years of experience building and developing lines of business related to emerging technologies. Mr. Carrasco supports clients in developing strategies for enterprise blockchain implementation across multiple sectors, and has supported nationwide consortium implementations Mr. Carrasco has played a key role in […]

Tim Mangnall

Tim Mangnall is CEO and Founder of Capital Block, Europe’s leading web3 consultancy dedicated to sports and entertainment. Capital Block is an evolution of Capital Sports Media, which owns and manages Sports inventory and general media activity across football clubs in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Tim began personally investing in cryptocurrency around […]

Court ruling of landmark case – Birkin bag NFT violates Hermès trademark

In a landmark case, the Manhattan federal court said that artist Mason Rothschild violated Hermès‘ trademark rights of the iconic Birkin bag. This is a precedent judgement bound to have an impact on the NFT market. Rothschild has continued acting as he has since November 2021 — brazenly violating Hermès’ intellectual property rights,” statement by […]

Amina Methi

An Azeri-American founder, serial entrepreneur, multidisciplinary creative, advisor and consultant with a career that spans across Dubai, Baku, Milan and New York City. As an alumni of Bocconi University, Amina is also a keynote speaker, Web 3.0 strategist, panelist, and podcast guest on topics pertaining to digital self-identity, creative and tech innovation, and sustainability. From […]

Mariya Spartalis

Mariya Spartalis was nominated as Financial Influencer 2023 at International investment congress Awards in Paris She has more as 20 years of experience in private banking wealth management crypto banking. She was on leading roles as a Director of UHNWI and HNWI clients departments im various traditional, global as well first crypto banks in Vienna […]

Mohammad Sear

Mohammad J Sear is focused on bringing purpose to digital in government. He is an explorer of the metaverse, and on a mission to cutting through the noise and hype to make sense of what this new revolution really means for citizens and their governments. He has obtained his leadership training from the Harvard Kennedy […]

Dr. Nisheta Sachdev

Nisheta Sachdev is an Indian-American marketing and PR specialist. She has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and has helped launch Luna Media Corp and build Luna PR, an award-winning PR and marketing agency based in Dubai that has worked with over 600 tech companies. Playing an active role, Nish has been instrumental […]

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

Co-founder of GD10 Capital (VC with a string of successes in blockchain, Web3 and gaming) and Marketing10 (marketing subsidiary which supported many successful projects including CrossTheAges.com, ChainGuardians.io, Cryowar.com) and others. Currently launching a gaming incubator and centralised exchange. Dr Deeban has advised on over $50mill worth of funding 2019-22 and developed an impressive investment portfolio […]

Edward Condrat

Edward is the Senior Esports Lead & Project Manager at Empire Play, an agency based in Abu Dhabi that focuses on producing Arabic Esports content in the MENA region and localizing/distributing international gaming & Esports content. Edward joined Empire Play at its launch in 2018. Currently, he is responsible for expanding and managing Empire Play`s […]

Muhammad Hamza

Muhammad Hamza has over 18 years of experience driving impact across prestigious government entities such as the Emirates & Dnata Group, Wafi Group, Dubai World and Dubai Customs with extensive experience in Web3 Technologies, Metaverse, NFTs and Sustainable Blockchain Solutions. He’s also on the advisory board of several big data, AI, and Venture Capital companies […]

Andy Ku

As a graduate of architecture and urban planning from Cornell and Harvard, Andy has been involved in startups since 2002, working with some of the world’s most recognizable names in media and gaming. Andy has been a pioneer in social gaming, having created MStar, a 3D-avatar-based fashion app. Andy launched ALTAVA Group to bring brands […]

Roman Cyganov

Roman Cyganov is the Antix company founder, a global technological expert with a solid commitment to bringing innovation excellence to the market, empowering people’s experience in the unfolding era of metaverses. Throughout his career, Roman was the founder and leader of several technological startups, including a renowned Vivix Studios, which focused on creating immersive visual […]

Amna Usman Chaudhry

Amna Usman Chaudhry has been involved in the blockchain and Web 3.0 space for quite a few years now, She is the winner of the Global Woman in Web 3.0 Award and has been featured as one of the “Top 100 Women of the Future”. Amna is also on the list of the “Most Inspirational […]

Will venture capitalists be held accountable for investing in FTX?

As impossible as it sounds, it’s true that multi-million-dollar venture capital funds did not conduct proper due diligence on mismanaged and disgraced exchange FTX While the signs are clear with hindsight, the ongoing fallout underlines how many corporate funds and VCs are just as susceptible to scams as the next person. While regulatory scrutiny may […]

David Palmer

David Palmer is a digital visionary and global platform innovator. He is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Vodafone’s Digital Asset Broker (DAB) platform, and one of the leaders in blockchain technology for Vodafone Business. David is a recognized thought leader in blockchain, Web3 and the application of these technologies to telecoms and wider […]

Kenya among the top ten African nations for tech innovation

Throughout the years, emerging technologies have helped many African countries overcome some pertinent issues, such as corruption and efficient agriculture. Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse; Africa does not only have the right mindset for future tech, but also a youthful, innovative population that can make it work. Kenya is one of the top […]

Crypto arbitrage in 2022; 5 governments who embraced crypto

The year 2022 was prolific with crypto currency crashes and a general negative reputation by the public on the subject, but to a select number of countries, embracing the crypto culture was their strategy for the year. The countries in question, Brazil, El Salvador, the Central African Republic, The United Kingdom and the United Arab […]

Twitter’s market share rockets 55% in 2022, while Facebook slides 12%

Twitter and Facebook are ranked as the two pioneering Web 2.0 social media platforms. Together, they account for billions of users globally, with second and third order viewership effectively consuming much of the Western world’s information flows. But in recent months, both platforms have recorded seismic fluctuations in market share, with Twitter gaining the upper […]

AIBC Awards: Big wins for the emerging tech crowd

Hosted by Rick Goddard and Jessica Walker, the AIBC Awards got off to a good start last night with some big names taking home trophies, while a bidding war during the charitable auction raised some much-needed funds for the SiGMA Foundation’s charitable projects. Later on in the evening the Luxarcana Dancers hit the stage with […]

AIBC Malta: Onboarding the next wave of web3 games

Cal Evans, sat down with On Yevin, founder and managing partner, Coin Intelligence Fund at the second day of the AIBC conference to discuss the next generation of web 3 games. What we’ve seen with blockchain-based games so far has been absolutely horrible, says On Yevin. Despite this he is optimistic, ‘I already see a […]

AIBC Europe Summit opens its doors to a bustling first day

After long months of hard work and eager anticipation, the AIBC Europe Summit has returned to Malta’s shores. Across the MFCC and the luxurious Hilton Hotel at Saint Julians, Malta Week has welcomed 25,000 delegates, who got to enjoy days of conferences and networking.  VNTR Capital Breakfast and morning conference The first day has been […]

Top highlights you should not miss at the AIBC Europe Summit

This November, the AIBC Europe Summit is returning to shake Malta awake from its Autumn-blues stupor. Prioritising quality over quantity, special care has been taken to ensure delegates get the biggest bang for their buck; from premier networking opportunities to KOL-led panels and keynotes and maximised visibility for all startups. Read on for the top […]

AIBC Summit Europe in Malta November 14-18

OUR ATTENDEES 10% 5% 74% 11% 32% Devs & Protocols 5% Affilliates 10% Media 26% Investment & Funds 3% Legal & Regulatory 4% Traders 6% Exchanges 14% NFT & Metaverse 47% of our attendees AIBC SPEAKERS AIBC has drawn experts from across the globe to act as thought-leaders and industry pioneers, sharing their well-earned wisdom […]

Which blockchain trends should the gaming industry take note of?

For the last ten years or so, blockchain technology has evolved, achieved familiarity, fairly common adoption, and spawned new products and possibilities. For us, the most important feature of a blockchain is the public accessibility, writes Ian Sherrington, head of blockchain at Ink Innovation. Anyone with basic technical knowledge can interact with a blockchain and […]

Meta stock plunges after second quarterly revenue decline

Meta Platforms’ stock plunged 23 percent on Thursday after the company posted a decline in revenue for 3Q22, the second consecutive quarterly drop. The company, formerly known as Facebook, reported revenue of $27.7 billion in the quarter. Its costs and expenses rose 19 percent to $22 billion, while net income fell by half to $4.39 […]

Top VIP speakers headlining the AIBC Malta Week Summit

Following the previous successes of the Dubai, Toronto and Balkans AIBC Summits, SiGMA Group is gearing up for its flagship event. The very best names in Crypto, Blockchain and Emerging Technologies have been gathered together for Malta Week 2022 this November. Check out the upcoming list for VIP speakers you will get to meet during […]

Optimism for crypto as advocate Rishi Sunak becomes UK’s PM

Rishi Sunak will be the U.K.’s next prime minister, providing a glimmer of hope for  the world’s sixth-largest economy and optimism in the crypto industry, as it’s known that Sunak is a firm crypto advocate. Crypto industry welcomes its loyal advocate – Rishi Sunak The United Kingdom’s incoming prime minister is set to take the […]

Blockchain infrastructure seen attracting lion’s share of investment

The volume of investment into the crypto industry has slowed in 2022 due to macro headwinds and the crypto bear market, though experts suggest there continues to be strong interest in blockchain and crypto technology.  In 2021, venture capital, private equity and M&A activity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space reached a record $32.1 billion. […]

Fat Joe to rock the stage at the AIBC Malta Week Party!

Nothing breaks the ice and sets the stage for a week of business and networking quite like a festive night. SiGMA Group’s reputation for pulling off incredible events will shine during the AIBC Malta Week Party. This year’s edition promises to be as earth-shattering as ever, with an exclusive party on the 16th of November […]

Eli Taranto

Eli Taranto Eli Taranto is currently the Head of Business Development at Eqi Bank. In London, Eli was the managing partner of Magnum Group, leading communications strategies for major financial and retail clients. He has advised Cointelegraph, 0byte, Crypterium as well as other leading digital asset service providers. He holds a BA from King’s College […]

Crypto needs regulation, trust, and usability for mass adoption, say experts

Lack of regulation, poor public image, and uncommon use cases have continued to serve as barriers to crypto mass adoption, according to experts. Thirteen years after the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has certainly come a long way in terms of user adoption.  A recent cryptocurrency adoption report from Finder, a comparison site, found […]

Mark Grech

Mark has extensive experience in the gaming industry, having played a variety of esports games from a young age. In the past decade, he has worked on various digital brands and products on a global scale, powering various gaming platforms to accelerate in different markets. Since 2017, Mark has been exploring web3 and blockchain technologies […]

Ilman Shazhaev

Ilman Shazhaev is the Founder & CEO of Farcana Metaverse. He is a techpreneur with extensive experience in launching IT and DeepTech engineering projects. For the last 5 years, he launched a series of startups related to IT, gaming, blockchain and healthtech. With a unique combination of business savvy and technology exploration skills, Ilman Shazhaev […]

Klemen Gradisar

Klemen Gradisar Klemen Gradisar is the Co-founder of Ballies. He is also an entrepreneur, an advisor and a sought after public speaker. He is a creative thinker, a futuristic, an enterprising, a strategic and well-connected. Klemen Gradisar is highly passionate about sports, FinTech, crypto, Sportech, and digital innovation, and strongly believes that it’ll change the […]

Justin Melillo

Justin Melillo Justin Melillo is the Co-founder and CEO of Mona, the premier 3D world-building platform and Web3 social network for the metaverse. Justin founded Mona because he experienced first-hand the lack of Web3 platforms for creators. As a visionary 3D artist, animated film creator, and immersive AR/VR designer, Justin discovered when getting into Web3 […]

Adrian Au

Adrian Au Adrian Au currently holds the role of founder and CEO of Infinite Digital. Adrian is NFT enthusiast, he is a speaker and a Web3 marketing advisor : focusing on GameFi, Metaverse, NFT & DeFi. Adrian Au main focus is to grow companies rather than solely implementing short-term hype without having the right mindset […]

AIBC Balkans: A Staggering First Day

And just like that, day one of AIBC’s Balkans Summit came and went with success. It is always a heartfelt pleasure to see months of diligent preparation come to fruition, and today was no different. Taking place in beautiful Belgrade, the location was handpicked for the Serbian capital’s enterprising traditions towards IT, business and innovative […]

Qatar announces blueprint for National Blockchain strategy

Following Dubai’s wholehearted embrace of the disruptive technology, the Gulf states are positioning themselves into a pillar for the global Blockchain industry. With this approach seemingly unhampered by Crypto Winter, Qatar has announced its own National Blockchain strategy. Qatar’s National Blockchain strategy: Debuting in the form of a national consultation paper launched by The Communications […]

Arvin Khamseh

Arvin Khamseh Arvin Khamseh has always been on the forefront of new tech trends with an impressive history in biohacking, and internet marketing. Combining this with his experience in running investor relationship marketing for public companies,  Arvin knows what it takes to attract investors online. Successfully selling out an Italian artist collection in 2021 was […]

Moralis and Cronos integrate to lay the foundations for Web3

In a joint announcement by the Cronos chain and the Moralis suite, the former is now supported by Moralis’ excellent suite of developer tools and APIs. A partnership meant to build the nascent Web3 ecosystem, the partners have announced a Web3 Metaverse Hackathon to the tune of $60,000. Moralis and Cronos integrate to lay the […]

Deep Tech Thought: Top topics at AIBC Belgrade

The AIBC Summit has always prided itself on being a global hub for innovation, technological foresight and proactive entrepreneurship. From combining the leading minds in the Deep Tech space to empowering visionary-led projects in the areas of IoT, Blockchain, AI, Quantum computing and more, the Summit has always served as a nexus of discussion and […]

Stefan Dejanovic

Stefan is an IT professional and PhD candidate that holds an MSc degree in computer science with a focus in the research and development of blockchain, data and system security, and software optimisation. He continued his academic studies as a PhD student, where his main research topics were security, cryptography and blockchain. He currently has more than 10 published […]

Alexandre Hardouin

Alexandre Hardouin Alexandre Hardouin is the French founder of Metarchitect Studio and a serial entrepreneur. Metarchitect Studio is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about blockchain. Besides this, he’s a former tech investment banker who is interested in blockchain and entrepreneurship. Alexandre Hardouin left his job in traditional finance to pursue his dream job in […]

GameFi: Fueling the Future with Hubertus Thonhauser

In an interview with Irina Heaver, Hubertus Thonhauser Founding Partner of Enabling Future and Partner of Ghaf Capital talks about Dubai, investing in the Middle East and the future of GameFi and Web 3.0 Tell me about Ghaf Capital. You’re quite a new kid on the block and already made so many investments over the […]

Dubai, the crypto oasis of the world with Ralf Glabischnig

In an interview with Irina Heaver, Ralf Glabischnig speaks about the UAE’s efforts in becoming a global pillar of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the role it plans to pay in the very near future Given that you’re working on making Dubai the crypto hub for the MENA region, you seem to be starting with the […]

Society 4.0 with Virginia Mijes Martin

In an interview with Kyle Galea, the President of Catalunya’s Blockchain Association and emerging tech aficionado Virignia Mijes Martin spoke about what we should come to expect in the very near future. With the Industrial Revolution 4.0 being one of the most prominent yet nebulous terms being used to describe the disruptive industries of the […]

The Pentagon: “Blockchain isn’t decentralized, is vulnerable and outdated”

A new report by the United States’ highest authority on defense and security, The Pentagon, is intensely critical on the emerging technology. The main criticisms include issues of centralization, outdated software and vulnerability to attacks. The difficulties of Decentralization The report “Are Blockchains Decentralised, Unintended Centralities in Distributed Ledgers”, has galvanized debate on Blockchain’s role in […]

Free Trade in the Emerald City: OzFinance and Blockchain-based Free Trade Zones

OzFinance Chief Architect Jin Gonzalez writes about the launch of the Oz Blockchain Protocol, explaining how they’ve leveraged blockchain technology to provide capital, credit, and community to its supported Special Economic Zones through DeFi services. OzFinance: Connecting hubs of innovation through the Blockchain Oz Finance leverages blockchain technology to provide individual and business residential status […]

From Foster Care To Blockchain Leader: Dustin Plantholt Leads The Way

“People say that high performing individuals hold their successes tightly to their chest. Then when you meet an elite level performer like Dustin who truly believes in sharing his wealth, knowledge, and accomplishments with others to help them along their own personal journeys, it’s really a beautiful thing.” Cool & Dre, Grammy nominated producers Cool […]

Galaverse Malta: The Web3 future of Entertainment

Invited to witness the next generation of Blockchain-based gaming, a delegation from the AIBC Summit was on the ground at the Into The Galaverse Malta Conference with the event being, by all metrics, absolutely spectacular. From the exhibits to the groundbreaking announcements, Into The Galaverse surpassed all expectations and then some. This article will speed […]

Next Generation, New Continent: AIBC Americas’ debut rocks Toronto

With the goal of spearheading the next generation of technologists, entrepreneurs and investors globally, the success of AIBC Americas’ Toronto Summit marked a sea change in the Summit’s global reach. Expanding into a continent known for pioneering and enterprise, this accomplishment will help lay the foundation for a bright future of innovation. Celebrating the Next […]

Dan S. Ciobanu

25+ years of tech experience in the financial and entertainment industries with an international track of projects completed in Europe, US, Central America and Africa. Inventor, ex-fellow phd in AI, master in Business Systems, I currently run Remote 2 All Solutions –  developers of RemotePlay© Technology and BUGSY World Society – world’s first entertainment metaverse […]

Entrit Metai

Entrit Metai is currently working as CTO to one of the first Blockchain start-ups in Greece, NewCo Tech. He holds a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Technical University of Crete). He has worked as a software engineer for several companies in Europe into consulting and expanding the capabilities of their teams into blockain and […]

AIBC Americas: Welcome to Day 1

After so many months of eager anticipation, the day has finally arrived for day 1 of AIBC’s Toronto Summit. AIBC America has finally debuted in the hub of innovation, enterprise and investment that is Canada’s capital of Toronto. This article will prep you on what you should look out for on our buzzing expo floor […]

Sigmund Holtz

Sigmund started his journey eight years traveling across Canada competitively public speaking while selling window cleaning services to make money. However, upon his discovery and quick rise on the social token platform Bitclout, Sigmund turned his outlook to cryptocurrency, NFTs, and web 3.0. Fast forward and Sigmund is the CSO at International Blockchain Consulting Group. […]

[WATCH] How to build a DAO at AIBC Dubai 2022

In a panel with the leading crypto-lawyers Irina Heaver and Gordon Einstein, the two industrial giants speak about the emerging nature of DAOs, their potential and how to build one. Drawing from both historical fact as well as frontier developments in the legislative and operational aspects of these novel forms of governance and project-structuring, the […]

Toronto’s Unicorns: Our AIBC Americas Pitch Start-Ups

Debuting for the first time in Canada, our inaugural AIBC Start-ups Pitch plans to supercharge the Deep Tech ecosystem yet again Very soon, our delegates will have the opportunity to witness the best and brightest visionaries compete for up to $500,000 in equity investment as well as a suite of other benefits. Coming from all […]

Zachary Friedman

Zachary Friedman is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who constructs businesses at the intersections of finance, blockchain, art, and technology. He is presently the COO of Global Digital Assets (GDA), the world’s premier blockchain-focused investment bank, and the CSO of Secure Digital Markets (SDM), the world’s top digital asset brokerage. Zachary Friedman has worked […]

Laura S. Martin

Laura S. Martin is a multi-award winning executive (Growth 500, List 2018 – 2020; Canadian Mortgage Awards 2017-2022) with an Honours BSc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto. She is the COO of the top mortgage brokerage in Canada, Matrix Mortgage Global, which is the first to offer ‘Crypto Mortgages’. In addition, she […]

Ian Arden

Ian Arden has focused on blockchain technology to enable and improve humanity since 2010. He has built or launched over 270 companies as сo-founder of award-winning blockchain innovation agency, venture builder and accelerator – “Applicature”. The firm provides growth advisory and launch service, including token economics, marketing, investor relations, funding, audit for global innovators in […]

Nathan Kay

Nathan Kay is a visionary company builder, a prolific key relationship developer, an investor relations specialist, and a sales executive. He started his journey in blockchain in 2017. Since then, Nathan contributed to the launch and building of over 100 global companies guiding founders through funding, token strategy, launch, and growth of their companies. Companies […]

[WATCH] Ubuntu and combining morality with technology with Her Majesty Queen Diambi at AIBC UAE 2022

Moderated by the excellent Dustin Plantholt, Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi addresses AIBC’s community about the need to focus on the “why” behind technological sophistication rather than solely on the “how” The outspoken activist Martin Luther King Jr once feared that, as a civilization, our technological power had superseded our wisdom to use it. Looking […]

Kishor Mansinghani

Kishor Mansinghani started his career with an OTC Broker and thereafter worked in USA (Silicon Valley) with Asia-Tech a B2B Marketplace. He then moved to Singapore and started his own hedge fund. He then founded Future1Exchange a licensed Cryptocurrency exchange in Europe , Estonia. He then joined Propine as Director Business Development. Propine is a […]

Dr. Dhirendra Shukla

Recipient of the Entrepreneur Promotion Award (Startup Canada, 2017) and the Outstanding Educator Award (APEGNB, 2018), Dr. Dhirendra Shukla is an award-winning business strategist and professor, Recipient of the Entrepreneur Promotion Award (Startup Canada, 2017) and the Outstanding Educator Award (APEGNB, 2018). With a background in engineering and leadership, his career has spanned several industries […]

Coaching done right: AIBC Dubai Pitch winner Dr. Hussain Nikkar on NSAtech

In this interview, AIBC Dubai Pitch winner Dr. Hussain Nikkar, CEO and Founder of NSAtech sits down with AIBC News to discuss his winning idea of making sports smart using an AI tool Is this your first time pitching in an event like ours? In Dubai yes, this is my first time pitching and I’m […]

Michelle Munson

Michelle Munson is the co-founder and CEO of Eluvio, the content blockchain for the creator economy, based in Berkeley, CA. Eluvio is an eco-friendly blockchain platform that enables content creators and their communities to store, stream, ticket, mint NFTs, and trade digital content. It provides a simple-to-use, high-performance, and cost-effective platform to monetize concerts, films, […]

AIBC Dubai 2022: Top 6 highlights of an Emerging Tech Success Story

From Cross the Age’s fantastic display to the heart pounding Pitch competition, Dubai’s Summit had something for everyone and received acclaim from the global emerging tech community AIBC Asia hit the ground running with Day 1 seeing over 9000 delegates, speakers, investors and entrepreneurs registering and populating our expo floor and panel stage with some […]

9,000 turn out for first day of AIBC Dubai 2022

AIBC Dubai 2022 gets off to a good start with huge turnout as the emerging tech event opens its doors to the thriving emirate Akon on the AIBC stage. It was a full house for the AIBC Dubai 2022 and SiGMA-AGS Dubai expo today. Business on the expo floor, which is twice the size of […]

Ivan Kravets

Ivan is co-founder and CTO at MetaMetaverse. He has a unique skill set combining software development, management, and R&D skills. Ivan has 20 years of IT experience including successfully managing large engineering teams for Fortune 500 customers. In addition to web3, blockchain and cryptography, he’s interests also include AI/ML, computational neuroscience, simulations, and quantum computing.

AIBC Dubai Awards raises 31,500 Euro for charity

Surprise wins, aerial dancers, and a record breaking charity auction – the AIBC Dubai Awards evening was full of standout moments Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural […]

Kevin Soltani

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and a blockchain technologist, he is the managing partner and CEO of GIMA Group, an alternative investment advisory and fund based in Los Angeles. Kevin has focused on investments that specialize in blockchain x gaming, real estate and metaverse experiences. 

Alemsah Ozturk

Alemsah Ozturk Alemsah Ozturk has a passion for all things digital. He believes strongly that good design evokes positive experiences and sometimes emotions. Being a gamer & dreamer for a very long time helped him create strong experiences that moves people, sometimes make them laugh sometimes make them curious. He believes that ideas matter without […]

Ready Player You: Top 10 shortlisted Start-Ups at the GameFi Pitch

The GameFi Pitch is an opportunity for enterprising Metaverse gaming start-ups to compete with the chance of winning up to $500,000 in equity investment as well as a suite of other benefits. Take a look at our best and brightest competing to be the last GameFi Pitch project standing Today, we can confidently say that […]

Joshua Johnson

Joshua Johnson’s interest in crypto began in 2016 when he was introduced to Abra. Abra’s innovations in cryptocurrencies challenged and opened his eyes to the potential of bitcoin early on. In 2017-2018, Sinopharm’s efforts in China within supply chain technology in healthcare inspired Johnson to connect the brand’s activities with blockchain technology. Since then, he […]

The Moon Express: Top 10 shortlisted Start-Ups at the AIBC Pitch

The AIBC Pitch is an opportunity for enterprising start-ups to compete with the chance of winning up to $500,000 in equity investment as well as a suite of other benefits. Take a look at our best and brightest competing to be the last one standing. The AIBC Summit is first and foremost a celebration of […]

Recognising excellence: AIBC Asia Awards are back!

This article features the 22 shortlisted nominees who will be vying for the trophies on March 20th During the second edition of AIBC Asia, the Asia Awards will be held at Al Baraha Ballroom, InterContinental Hotel Festival City on the 20th of March at 7pm. The gala event brings together industry luminaries for an evening […]

Crypto Panther Club and the evolution of NFTs

Crypto Panther Club will be present during the AIBC Summit in Dubai and will be hosting international art exhibitions in Dubai and Los Angeles. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) generated an absurd amount of buzz through 2021, as illustrated by google trends analytics. While several industry experts predicted NFTs to be overhyped and in a massive bubble, it […]

TDeFi joins forces with AIBC Asia for Dubai summit

Eight startups from the TDeFi Incubation program will be exhibiting at AIBC Dubai TDeFi, world’s leading crypto startup incubator and advisory has joined forces with AIBC Summit to host “AIBC Asia” from 20 – 23 March in Dubai. This partnership is based on a common goal to facilitate growth of the blockchain & crypto sector […]

AIBC Dubai announces top DJ line up for Closing Night

The AIBC Dubai Closing Night events take place on the 22nd of March To thank our guests, speakers, and exhibitors for their support of our upcoming Dubai expo we’re hosting a cracking Closing Night event on the 22nd of March, thanks to the generous support of sponsor BitForex. Held at the Vista Lounge in the […]

Jimmy Chan

A Philosopher at Heart, Optimizer by Training, CEO as Profession Jimmy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oly Sport: an NFT eSport horse racing metaverse gamefi project. For Jimmy, COVID-19 unmasked the separation, corruption, and fear that lies embedded in the state of humanity. Oly Sport is designed to unite humanity under a common thread […]

What Are NFT Games and How Do They Work

NFTs are unique digital collectibles that are stored on the blockchain. Because of this feature, they are particularly suited to be used as characters, consumables, or other tradeable items in games. A number of NFT games have become popular in the game-fi world to generate income. It is possible to sell your in-game NFTs to […]

Why AIBC: the Community of Tomorrow

With Dubai covered, we now move onto the reason why the AIBC community is the place to be for any enterprising technologist who sees the potential of Blockchain, AI, the Metaverse and other areas of emerging tech in remaking society as we know it Bringing together thought leaders and pioneers from across the globe, the […]

QANplatform, the world’s first quantum-resistant ETH-compatible L1 coming to AIBC Dubai

QANplatform is a quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform that will allow developers and enterprises to build quantum-resistant smart-contracts, DApps, DeFi solutions, NFTs, tokens, and Metaverse The quantum threat is real – the US White House has set deadlines in January 2022 to prepare for the cybersecurity threat opposed by quantum computers. Agencies shall identify […]

[WATCH] What is Smart Money? At AIBC Europe

Necessity is the mother of invention and, with the current chaos in the global financial sector, there may have never been a greater need for Smart Money. This being said, one needs to first pin down the elusive concept before it’s true potential can be unlocked Moderated by James Bowater, the global ambassador of World […]

AIBC East Europe Awards

SEPTEMBER 2023 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY BOOK NOW The AIBC Balkans/CIS Awards will take place on the 23rd of August, 2022. The gala evening will celebrate the industry’s highest achievers, bringing bright ideas under the spotlight and recognising the contributions shaping the future of emerging tech. The awards will also feature a live auction, where luxury items, […]

AIBC Americas Awards

JUNE 2024 SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL BOOK NOW NOMINATE BOOK NOW The AIBC Awards will be held in May 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the opulent event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement. Shining a spotlight on some of the most intriguing and […]

One-stop-shop for digital privacy: The DTSocialize Ecosystem and its Community

In an interview with SiGMA’s own Yanni Collins, DTSocialize’s CEO & Founder, Daniele Marinelli, relays the firm’s plans to spearhead the ability for the Community members to protect their own data and their ecosystem’s ambitions in the Metaverse When referring to their vision, CEO Daniele Marinelli talks about how data has become the virtual currency […]

Polygon Bridge: What it is & How to Use it

There’s a lot of talk about Polygon and its various technologies, of which there are many. Just to briefly recap, Polygon is a platform and framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Polygon aims to bring faster transaction speeds to Ethereum As well as to eventually build an “internet of blockchains” in which digital assets such as […]

9 Lesser-Known Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a thing that needs no introduction. Even if you’ve never held any cryptocurrency in a crypto-wallet, even if you don’t exactly know what a blockchain is, you’ve heard about Bitcoin. It’s the world’s top cryptocurrency: by value, by market cap, by number of holders… There’s a lot of interesting things about this currency, […]

Crypto Terms for Beginners Part 2

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies and the world of trading, buying low, selling high and trying to make some money in this volatile and exciting market? But maybe you’re put off and a bit scared of such terms as bearish, long position, and hold on for dear life? Well, worry not. In Part 2 of […]

Fabio Pezzotti

Fabio Pezzotti, Founder and CEO of Iconium, is a tech entrepreneur with experience in the industry from 1998. Following several roles in business development and strategic consulting for global companies’ business across Paris, London, and Milan, Fabio founded numerous ventures, including: Xoom Spa, an internet company which quickly became the leading web community in Italy […]

The Most Expensive NFT Art in the World (as of 2022)

It would not be fair to say that the New Financial Technologies (NFTs) have become leaders in the cryptocurrency arena, where they have taken an important role in changing the way we see and think about art in the past year. As a result, NFTs have provided a method of establishing the rarity of digital […]

NFT Security Digest For February 2022

Here is the latest digest of all things concerning NFT security and safety in the NFT realm. LOOKS, SOS, and WTF Potential Threat Scares NFT Investors Traders are likely to demand that market leaders recognize and reward their users shortly, so competitors like LOOKS, SOS, and WTF are all launching aggressive vampire attacks on OpenSea […]

Eneko Knorr

Eneko Knorr is the founder of AngelClub, a startup investment fund, and Onyze, a crypto assets custodian. He previously started Ludei (San Francisco), Ludei is leading the next wave of mobile app and game development with HTML5. Their unique acceleration technology, cross-platform APIs and cloud-based platform services allow developers to create HTML5 games and applications […]

[WATCH] NFT News Digest for February 2022

Non-fungible tokens are all the rage and the steam is still not blowing off since their induction. Here’s what is new this month on the NFT front. Facebook and Instagram Get in on NFT Craze In a recent report, it was reported that Facebook and Instagram might soon allow users to create, buy, and sell […]

NFTs in Music, Arts, and Fashion

NFTs are gaining popularity in the worlds of fashion, music and arts. Here’s what was happening on that front in February 2022. Kings of Leon to Release First-Ever NFT Album KINGS OF LEON have announced that they are releasing their new album, titled When You See Yourself, as a non-fungible token (NFT) for sale throughout […]

Dubai, the Future Cryptocurrency World Capital: What to Expect in 2022

Dubai will be hosting some premier crypto-related events in 2022 – including AIBC Summit. Here’s what’s new on the crypto front in this futuristic tech hub. Dubai’s Economic Activity Rose 88% Compared to 2020 It has been reported that Dubai’s Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) sector, operated by the Department of Economy and Tourism, has […]

AIBC Asia Awards

2024 MANILA VOTE BOOK NOW NOMINATE BOOK NOW The Asia Awards will be held during the second edition of AIBC Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural […]

Bruce Porter Jr.

Bruce Porter Jr. has brought together world leaders developing the digital landscape from blockchain to the metaverse. Porter brings a solid track record. His name is synonymous with the Bitcoin monetary revolution. Bruce is the CEO at GlobalBoost, a decentralized communications company based in Washington, DC. Their blockchain produces BSTY coins via mining have been […]

Tomer Jordi Chaffer

T.J. Chaffer has a passion for education, innovation, and social impact. He holds an undergraduate degree in Biology (Honours) from Acadia University and currently completing a master’s degree in Experimental Medicine at McGill University. In an attempt to highlight the potential for social change of decentralization, his research focuses on metaverse use cases, best practices […]

What Is a LaunchPad?

A look at the key features to keep in mind when evaluating launchpads, either to launch your own project or to find projects to invest in Words by Irina Berezina By definition, a launchpad is a safe platform from which to launch a vehicle. The vehicle itself can be a rocket or it can be […]

The genie is out of the bottle: Why are VCs excited about GameFi?

Industry insiders know that in order to survive the fierce market race, especially in the bear crypto markets, one needs to stay current with the trends at all times Words by Dr. Irina Heaver As the industry matures, adopting a thorough approach and following the market trends systematically will ensure the return that investors are […]

Matias Lapuschin

Matias Lapuschin is currently the head of content marketing operations at Sensorium — a technology company focused on accelerating the transition to the metaverse. “I’m an award-winning marketing and corporate communications professional with over a decade of experience in the global fintech, entertainment, and technology sectors. My job is about creating compelling messages to instantly […]

Frank Fitzgerald

Frank Fitzgerald is both an outstanding mentor and manager. He has the ability to educate his employees while concurrently enabling them to excel and succeed on their own. He encourages a “go getter” attitude and has a willingness to see his employees thrive and learn new and exciting technologies. Frank is a hands-on manager that […]

Denis Chernikov

Serial entrepreneur with focus on international business development. Founder of the first metaverse production house in Dubai “Ve Creative”. Expert in #metaverse, digital space, innovative technologies and business networking. Since 2021 has joined the Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi as a Head of Media department. Supported multiple semi-government and private events […]

[WATCH] Dubai: the city of the future with Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni at AIBC Europe 2021

CEO of Dubai’s Blockchain Centre and internationally recognized advocate of Blockchain-backed technologies, Dr. Al Zarouni led a keynote reflecting on Dubai’s work towards becoming a pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Starting off, Dr. Al Zarouni began by shedding a spotlight on the frontier of emerging tech. With firms specialized in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, […]

[WATCH] The thin line between regulation and innovation with Efrem Borg, Trevor Sammut, Dr. Ian Gauci and Professor Gordon Pace at AIBC 2021

In an AIBC panel discussion, four of the leading experts in Maltese innovation discuss the importance of creating a regulatory environment that protects society as a whole while not snuffing out innovation Opening the panel, Efrem Borg introduces himself as the Chief Technologist of Malta’s Digital Innovation Authority. As a computer scientist by background, he […]

Craig Obligacion Wilson

«  I’ve been told I am an out of the box visionary thinker, driven to succeed, a hard worker, clever and creative but really, I am just passionate. I have always been naturally attracted to building communities. In the late 90’s I lead a group of friends in a loose theater ensemble and in 2018 […]

An internal note by Meta’s chief technology officer indicates that they aim towards having a “deep compatibility” with Blockchain moving forward

While the announcement of the Metaverse implies that the digital world may be soon facing a paradigm shift unseen since the rise of social media networks, an internal notice from chief executive Andrew Bosworth may imply that the Blockchain will be a pillar for the future of the internet The internet, an invention that has […]

The State of Crypto in Gaming

Ron Segev, a Partner at Segev LLP and SiGMA Europe 2021 speaker, writes about the value crypto and NFTs can bring to the online gaming industry Contributions by: Negin Alavi, Lawyers, Segev LLP. Cryptocurrencies have been grabbing headlines regularly for the last few years. While the price of coins has traditionally held our attention, its […]

Woonkly Labs’ NFT Social Network plans to change the rules of the game

The Spanish startup has already launched the first test version of its new social network to upload its NFTs Woonkly Labs has already launched its great new product Woonkly.com on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet and announces the launch on the Ethereum main net in the coming days. Woonkly.com is a decentralised social network with AML […]

Facebook to rebrand under new name

The announcement will likely come before its annual Connect Conference on October 28 Facebook aims to reveal a new identity as part of a push to become renowned for more than simply social networking. According to an insider with knowledge of the move the business wants the name to represent its efforts in developing a […]

Felix Mago

Felix Mago is a co-founder and chief of crypto of SPACE, a commerce-focused Metaverse. He is an expert in DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs and decentralized business. Felix is also co-founder of the consulting company Futerio, Create3Labs, Blocktech Institute and Dash Next, the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments, where he drives biz-dev partnerships. With Dash Thailand he […]

Evan Singh Luthra

Evan Singh Luthra “I am Evan Singh Luthra, you can know more about me on EvanLuthra.com” Evan Singh Luthra has been building and investing in fast growing technology companies since before he was an adult. The combined market cap of the 100+ companies that he has built and invested in via my Incubator Fund StartupStudio.online […]

Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen is one of the world’s top advocates for blockchain and its use to power other digital technologies – including FinTech, Metaverse, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.  His company Blockchain for All provides advisory, education & technology solutions to help enterprises and government entities implement blockchain applications. He is a renowned public speaker, media commentator […]

Marina Petrichenko

Crypto Marina is a growth hacker with 8 years experience of marketing, business development, and project management within the fintech space. During her career she was focusing on crypto/blockchain/Defi/NFT/metaverse projects.  Currently Marina is a marketing consultant and Head of Growth at Nym Technologies – a privacy infrastructure that prevents data leakage by protecting metadata at the network and application […]