Zachary Friedman

Zachary Friedman

Zachary Friedman is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who constructs businesses at the intersections of finance, blockchain, art, and technology.

He is presently the COO of Global Digital Assets (GDA), the world’s premier blockchain-focused investment bank, and the CSO of Secure Digital Markets (SDM), the world’s top digital asset brokerage.

Zachary Friedman has worked with world-renowned institutions, family offices, governments, and Fortune 500 firms in these capacities.

He has mediated over $6 billion in digital asset transactions, advised on over $7 billion in token offerings, and continues to promote the global acceptance of mainstream digital assets.

Moreover, Friedman is also the founder of Metaverse Group, the world’s first and leading digital real estate company, NFT Bazl, the world’s leading luxury NFT art gallery, and the world’s first blockchain-focused SPAC ($BMAQU) on NASDAQ.

Zachary Friedman is a blockchain mentor at Founders Fund, previously created his own accelerator (W5), and co-produced the largest technology conference in Canada, Elevate Toronto.