XBox and Barclays launch credit card for gamers

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Xbox, in collaboration with Barclays and Mastercard, has introduced the Xbox Mastercard, a co-branded credit card tailored for gamers in the United States. With no annual fee, the card offers a range of benefits designed to elevate gaming experiences and enhance everyday purchases.

The days of traditional high street banks are fading as their presence gradually diminishes. The emerging approach for retail banks involves providing a personalized B2C service that builds a unique connection with each customer. This collaboration marks a significant stride forward for digital banking.

Rewarding gamers

Gamers can reap many rewards with this card and cardholders can earn 5X card points on qualifying purchases within the Microsoft Store and receive 3X card points for eligible dining delivery and streaming services. a new game pass member will be entitled to get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate after the first purchase. Cardholders will also benefit from an initial bonus of 5,000 card points. Additionally, the card also offers 1X card points for regular everyday purchases.

Customization and virtual integration

Cardmembers can choose from five Xbox-inspired card designs. An option exists to have their Xbox gamer tag printed on the back of the card.
This integration blends virtual experiences with daily spending.

The benefits are initially available to  Xbox Insiders across all 50 states from 21 September 21 and will be open to the general public in the US in 2024.
Additional perks include 5X card points on Microsoft Store purchases, free access to FICO Credit Score and exclusive experiences on for Mastercard cardholders. Cardholders also benefit from the Mastercard network’s ID Theft Protection, Zero Liability Protection and global services for emergency assistance.

Partnership for gamers

Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President, Xbox Player Services, explained that the collaboration’s aim to reward Xbox players for their purchases.
Barclays, with over 20 years of co-branded credit card programme experience, aims to enhance gaming enjoyment for the Xbox community.
The release of the Xbox Mastercard builds upon the longstanding partnership between Mastercard and Microsoft, focusing on innovation and secure digital experiences.

Xbox Insiders residing in the continental United States can apply through the Xbox Insider Hub on their console or a Windows PC after joining the Xbox Mastercard Preview. The rollout of the card will occur in stages, with priority to Xbox Insiders in the coming months.

New era for personalised financial services

The introduction of the Xbox Mastercard represents not only a ground breaking collaboration between gaming giant Xbox, Barclays and Mastercard but also the potential for a broader engagement for financial institutions with their customers. This innovative credit card, tailored to gamers’ preferences, goes beyond traditional rewards and seamlessly integrates the virtual gaming world with everyday spending.

With gamers enjoying the benefits of 5X card points for Microsoft Store purchases and exclusive access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the partnership signals a new era in personalized financial services. The option for customization, including Xbox-inspired card designs and gamer tags, demonstrates a unique approach to banking that mirrors the individuality of today’s consumers.

As this partnership continues to evolve, it opens doors for further gamified financial products and services. We may witness financial institutions collaborating with various industries to tailor credit cards and banking experiences to specific consumer lifestyles, whether that’s travel, entertainment, or sports.

The Xbox Mastercard is not just about rewarding gamers; it’s about recognizing the potential of consumer-centric financial offerings. This collaboration sets the stage for future innovation in the banking sector, where personalization, rewards, and seamless integration with passions and interests become the norm.

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