What Is a LaunchPad?

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A look at the key features to keep in mind when evaluating launchpads, either to launch your own project or to find projects to invest in

Words by Irina Berezina

By definition, a launchpad is a safe platform from which to launch a vehicle. The vehicle itself can be a rocket or it can be an application, or a new business. One of the best-known launchpads in the internet world is launchpad.net – a place where open-source software projects can be developed and maintained. Launching any venture requires an infrastructure that positions it as successfully as possible. That includes providing financial support, technical knowledge, marketing resources, and connections to make the project a success.

In the crypto world, a launchpad is geared toward helping new blockchain projects raise capital and attract actual users. These launchpads are basically incubators – a fledgling start-up can be nurtured until it is ready to hatch into the world on its own. Launchpads can also be accelerators – helping projects reach their goals faster by providing resources early and easily.

Perhaps even more importantly though, a crypto launchpad also provides security: projects and investors are vetted by the launchpad to ensure they are legitimate and legal, with KYC measures required for participation as well.

What is the Best LaunchPad?

When evaluating launchpads, either to launch your own project or to find projects to invest in, what are some of the key features to look for?

· Decentralisation – does the launchpad practice what it preaches? Is it committed to DAO principles?

· Transparency – is the launchpad clear about its processes? Does it publish its financials and details about its founders?

· Community support – are the launchpad members active participants? Are there meet-ups and chat groups to stay in the loop?

Lift with UpLift

UpLift DAO is a launchpad where disruptive projects and business angels come together. Every project on the UpLift platform receives three phases of support:

· Incubation: early-stage funding followed by pre-launch build up through VCs, exchanges, market makers, auditing firms, influencers, and legal advisors.

· Launch: fundraising facilitated by exposing a project to a vast community of business angels.

· Acceleration: post-launch growth fostered by a series of farming and community initiatives.

UpLift’s angels are more than just financial contributors. They understand how to promote and expose projects in the open market. UpLift is a community of venture capitalists, marketers, Key Opinion Leaders, and influencers with extensive industry experience. UpLift spans over 80 countries, giving global access to every project it backs.

Some of the highlights that make the UpLift platform unique and compelling:

· Cross-chain IDOs – launch your IDO on Binance Smart Chain and distribute on any EVM-compatible network.

· Projects raising large amounts receive their funds in tranches, according to agreed-upon milestone KPIs.

· Whitelisting allows a project to facilitate fundraising for its own trusted community.

· One-time KYC check done by Onfido, guaranteeing full regulatory compliance without UpLift having to hold your personal data.

· Multiple options for vesting and distribution schedules.

· Fair and transparent lottery technology using Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function guarantees full transparency, while using an un-tiered system and a stand-off period after each IDO leads to an extremely diverse set of participants.

UpLift also offers various community incentives, including Bounty programs, Farming programs, and Referral programs. Rewards can be earned by helping the community grow, learn, and prosper.

UpLift is well positioned to take over the launchpad space! It’s on track to launch several more exciting IDOs this year, with much of their focus on GameFi and NFT ecosystem projects. Learn more about UpLift, LIFT, and launching your own DAO projects by reading their full documentation online. You can also follow UpLift on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.


About Irina Berezina

Irina Berezina is a crypto and blockchain enthusiast based in Lisbon, Portugal. She specialises in transformation and high growth projects and is passionate about Data Science. Currently she is an Operations Lead at UpLift DAO, a crypto launchpad and accelerator that is enabling GameFi and NFT startups through community-based capital deployment and is shaping the future of cryptocurrencies.

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