Serena Williams joins star-studded investment team in Bitcoin Rewards startup Lolli

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Lolli is a bitcoin reward company that has received the backing of a number of influential people including Serena Williams, Ashton Kutcher and MrBeast

Lolli, a bitcoin reward company, has raised over $5million from a team of celebrity investors.

An announcement on Wednesday stated that Lolli’s pre-Series A round includes Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures, the tennis player’s husband Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six and well known YouTuber MrBeast’s management company – Night Media.

Serena Williams - AIBC News

Influencers that make up the rest of the team are:

  • Casey Neistat
    Casey Neistat - AIBC News
  • Phil DeFranco
    Phil Defranco - AIBC News
  • Cody Ko
    Cody Ko- AIBC News
  • Noel Miller
    Noel Miller - AIBC News
  • Ian Borthwick
    Ian Brothwick - AIBC News
  • Gabriel Leydon
    Gabriel Leydon - AIBC News(1)(1)

However, these are not the only stars involved in Lolli as last year the bitcoin reward company raised over $3million. The seed round was led by PathFinder and included MichellePhan, Ashton Kutcher and Coindesk owner – Digital Currency Group.

Ashton Kutcher - AIBC News

About Lolli

Lolli is a company that entices customers to go and shop at its partners stores via bitcoin rewards sent to a wallet. It boasts over 1,000 merchants and 250k users.

Alex Adelman, the Lolli co-founder, states that the company currently offers an average of 7% bitcoin rewards at Kroger, Microsoft, and Ulta, earning over $3M in bitcoin rewards.

“We started out with the idea of educating people about bitcoin. So we just attached it to something that everybody does: shop. People think about investing when they think about bitcoin, but there’s probably less than 1% of the world that would consider themselves investors. Everybody would consider themselves a shopper.”

Adelman added that the end goal is giving customers financial empowerment and financial inclusion, which resulted in Serena Williams supporting Lolli.

In a statement the world famous tennis player – Serena Williams:

“I’m excited to announce my investment in Lolli, a company on a mission to make bitcoin more accessible. Earning and owning bitcoin is a step towards financial inclusivity for all people.”

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