Preparing for Crypto’s next bull run: highlights from AIBC Balkans & CIS discussion

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Crypto experts convene at AIBC Balkans & CIS summit to predict the next bull run

In the ambiance of the AIBC Balkans & CIS summit, crypto enthusiasts and industry experts gathered to delve deep into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. The spotlight was firmly on a panel discussion titled “Crypto and Digital Asset Current and Future Trends: Prepare for the Next Bull Run.” Moderated by Euni Wong, a renowned Web 3 advisor, crypto trader, and investor, the session promised insights into the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

The panel featured a distinguished lineup of industry experts: Artem Vorobev, Lead Developer at 1inch Network; Andrea Vlachos, Growth Manager of Binance for Greece and Cyprus; Pavel Matveev, Co-Founder and CEO of Wirex; and Arthur Firstov, Sales Director at Mercuryo. Their collective knowledge and experience promised a thorough examination of the crypto market’s current state and its potential future trajectories.

Moderator Euni Wong kicked off the discussion by recognising that the crypto sphere’s most captivating theme was the enigmatic bull run.

Moderator Euni Wong set the tone for the discussion, acknowledging that the crypto world’s hottest topic remained the elusive “bull run,” which had the power to transform individuals into overnight millionaires and billionaires. Wong emphasised that preparation was key for anyone interested in crypto as a means of wealth generation.

The initial question posed by Wong focused on the current state of the crypto market and the driving factors behind it. Andrea Vlachos cautioned against anyone claiming to predict the market’s short-term direction, emphasising that unexpected events, such as regulatory updates and influential figures like Elon Musk or the US President making statements on Twitter, could significantly impact prices. He urged participants to conduct thorough research before taking any investment positions.

Arthur Firstov shared his optimism, viewing the crypto space as a burgeoning infrastructure poised to serve billions of retail customers. He highlighted the importance of fintech and embeddable products, asserting that the next bull run would be driven by these factors and the improved user experience enabled by decentralised solutions.

Pavel Matveev, on the other hand, pointed out the cyclical nature of the crypto industry, where bull runs were followed by crypto winters. He affirmed that a bull run was inevitable, though pinpointing its exact timing remained challenging.

The conversation shifted towards potential triggers for the next bull run. Pavel Matveev mentioned the popular belief that an ETF approval could spark the next surge. However, he also shared insights into a growing trend where centralised platforms were integrating with decentralised ecosystems and launching their own blockchains or app-specific chains.

Regulation emerged as a crucial topic, with Arthur Firstov acknowledging that increasing regulation could potentially stifle the astronomical gains seen in previous bull runs.

The panelists concluded by discussing sectors likely to dominate the narrative in the next bull market. Andrea Vlachos emphasised the race to find solutions to blockchain’s scalability issues, while Pavel Matveev reiterated the importance of solving scalability problems before onboarding new users.

In their closing remarks, the experts offered valuable advice to navigate the crypto space safely during the next bull run. Andrea Vlachos stressed the importance of education, urging participants to stay informed about regulatory updates. Pavel Matveev emphasised safety and security and encouraged investors to prioritise education to make informed decisions in the crypto space.

As the AIBC Balkans & CIS summit continues to unfold, this insightful panel discussion provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the crypto market’s current state and its potential trajectory, equipping them to navigate the exciting yet unpredictable world of digital assets with greater confidence.

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