Fox Corporation launches content verification protocol on Polygon to combat fake news

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Fox Corporation has taken a proactive step in confronting the challenge of fake news by publicly releasing a beta version of Verify, an open-source protocol designed to establish the history and origin of registered media.

Verifying authenticity of content

Built on Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Verify enables publishers to register content, cryptographically sign individual pieces on-chain, and empower consumers to identify trustworthy content sources using the Verify Tool.

Launch during Fox News debate

The closed beta of Verify was initially launched by Fox Corp in August 2023 during the Fox News GOP debate. Since then, 89,000 pieces of content, including text and images from Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and Fox TV affiliates, have been signed to Verify.

Now, Fox Corporation has open-sourced the protocol, inviting public contributions and forks of the source code. Media companies interested in utilizing Verify can engage with the platform, while consumers can leverage the Verify Tool to confirm the origin of digital content from participating Fox sources.

Developed in-house by the Fox Technology team, Verify relies on Polygon PoS for its fast, efficient, and cost-effective transactions. This technology ensures that readers can unequivocally verify the source of articles or images attributed to a publisher.

Bridge between media and AI

Moreover, Verify establishes a crucial technical bridge between media companies and AI platforms. Through its Verified Access Point, the protocol unlocks new commercial opportunities for content owners by utilizing smart contracts to set programmatic conditions for accessing content.

As AI-generated content proliferates online, Verify not only aids consumers in identifying the genuine source but also empowers media publishers with greater control over their relationships with AI platforms scouring the web.

Mass adoption of Web3

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the emergence of AI-generated media has presented challenges in verifying the authenticity of content. Recognizing the need for a real-world solution, Polygon Labs researchers has developing a blockchain infrastructure to address this issue transparently.

Positioned as an evolution in source verification, Verify showcases how the future of media can be securely anchored on the blockchain.


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