At the crossroads between crypto and gaming

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In a recent keynote address at the AIBC Asia conference, Mariusz Gąsiewski. CEE Mobile Gaming and Apps, a prominent figure at Google, shed light on the dynamic intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. With a focus on emerging trends, regional inequality, and the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, Mariusz delivered a presentation that offered valuable insights for industry stakeholders.

Exploring the Blockchain terrain

Mariusz kicked things off by providing an overview of the blockchain landscape, emphasizing its significance as a barometer of investment trends. He highlighted the growing interest in Web3, backed by a surge in transactions – which he believes shows genuine activity rather than mere registrations. Particularly noteworthy was the upward trajectory of Web3 gaming, highlighted by growing transaction volumes and a diverse user base.

The motivations behind gaming

Delving deeper, Mariusz addressed a fundamental yet often overlooked question: why do people play games? Drawing from recent surveys, he revealed that the primary motivation across regions is fun and relaxation. However, he underscored how social dynamics can influence preference, with emerging markets placing greater emphasis on skill enhancement and a communal approach, compared to their Western counterparts, who focus more closely on leisure and individual enjoyment. By understanding these nuances, developers can tailor gaming experiences to resonate with diverse audiences.

The convergence of crypto and gaming

A key aspect of Mariusz’s keynote was the relationship between crypto and gaming. He underscored the natural affinity between crypto enthusiasts and gamers, citing a correlation between increased crypto adoption and gaming activity. Despite this alignment, Mariusz highlighted the challenge of bridging the gap between early adopters and mainstream gamers, emphasising the need for compelling content to drive adoption.

The way forward

Mariusz concluded his keynote with a forward-looking perspective, envisioning a future where Web3 gaming thrives on a global scale. He stressed the importance of user education, innovative game development strategies, and a renewed focus on fun as the cornerstone of gaming experiences. By embracing these principles, Mariusz posited that the gaming industry could unlock untapped potential, particularly in burgeoning markets like Asia.

Budapest, Hungary event


Budapest, Hungary

02 - 04 September 2024