YGG token debuts on Ronin Network

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Web3 gaming’s Yield Guild Games (YGG) has announced the integration of the YGG token onto the Ronin network.  

In a press release, YGG said this milestone followed a governance proposal, signifies a strategic alignment between the gaming guild and Sky Mavis, enhancing accessibility and engagement within the web3 gaming community. 

Seamless integration enhances gaming experience

The launch of the YGG token on Ronin, which took place on Thursday, March 21, at 11 p.m. Singapore Time (SGT), underscores a collaborative effort to bolster the network’s ecosystem.  

Notably, YGG tokens will be distributed through airdrops to wallets staking RON on the YGG validator, streamlining the transition for players between Ronin games and the YGG platform. 

Shared Values Drive Collaboration 

With a longstanding partnership between YGG and Sky Mavis, the integration of the YGG token into the Ronin network reinforces a commitment to industry advancement.
Jeff “Jihoz” Zirlin, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Sky Mavis, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “YGG and Ronin are inextricably linked. Onboarding the YGG token to Ronin is the next natural step in our shared journey.” 

Ronin Network: A Hub of Growth

The Ronin network has experienced exponential growth, boasted 22 validators and attracted over 100,000 delegators with a total stake exceeding 187 million RON tokens.  

The games within the Ronin ecosystem, such as Pixels, Apeiron, and Wild Forest, have witnessed remarkable engagement rates, indicating the platform’s increasing prominence in web3 gaming. 

Ronin, a Layer 1 blockchain behind the play-to-earn phenomenon of Axie Infinity, is undergoing a notable resurgence amidst a renewed interest in the Web3 gaming sector. 

Eligibility Criteria of YGG Airdrop

Delegators staking RON tokens with YGG prior to March 11, 2024, UTC, are eligible for the YGG token airdrop.  

The distribution of 1,376,579 YGG tokens to 8,861 eligible wallets will be based on the amount of RON staked, with loyalty bonuses offered to long-term stakers.  

YGG said holding the tokens also grants access to exclusive quests and potential future benefits within the Ronin ecosystem. 

Looking Ahead: Strengthening the Ecosystem

“The YGG token launch on Ronin is another milestone in our partnership with Sky Mavis. As Ronin continues to position itself as a leader in web3 gaming, YGG looks forward to further supporting the ecosystem and community by increasing our stake and participation in the network,” said YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon.  

“The YGG token making its way to Ronin will open opportunities to give more players access to more rewarding quests and other benefits. Consider this our way of bringing YGG even closer to all communities across the flourishing Ronin ecosystem.” 

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