[WATCH] Malta: The Technology Hub of the Mediterranean with H.E. Maria Camilleri Calleja at AIBC 2022

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In a keynote at AIBC’s UAE Summit, Malta’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Permanent Representative of Malta to IRENA, H.E. Camilleri-Calleja elaborates on Malta’s growing role as a European technology hub in the realm of Deep Tech

After thanking all of the moving parts that made the Summit possible, including His Highness Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi and AIBC Founder Eman Pulis, H.E. Camilleri Calleja began to elaborate on Malta’s role in the global innovation ecosystem.

Many of you may not be aware that, in 2018, Malta was the first jurisdiction in the world to adopt blockchain regulations, earning it the name of Blockchain island. In July 2018, the Maltese Parliament passed laws setting up the framework for Blockchain, DLT, Cryptocurrency and digital ledgers.

One does not become an internationally renowned technology hub overnight. To thank for this exponential growth in importance, H.E Camilleri-Calleja noted the roles of two main entities. The first of these is the MDIA, or the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. This institution has been charged with being the primary authority responsible for promoting Malta as a technology hub and a center of excellence whilst also setting up a regulatory framework.

In 2020, MDIA hit the ground running based on its preparations and observations gleaned during the previous months of the pandemic. This led to it expanding its remit through various projects.

The first of these projects pertained to financially supporting AI projects through a partnership with the University of Malta. The second project was the launch of the Technology Assurance Sandbox. The third was the creation of the Pathfinder digital scholarship funds for both Masters and Doctoral degrees in AI adoption. The fourth and final project was a pilot project referred to as the Digital Connect Scheme to address the digital gap in the Maltese Isles.

The second entity charged with turning the Maltese Isles into an international technology hub is Tech.Mt. In nature, it is a public-private partnership established between the Government of Malta and the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry of Malta. Its portfolio includes the promotion of talent, assistance and innovation with a main focus on entrepreneurial technology.

These lead to an environment for both startups and established local and international players to expand and grow in Malta… Malta is therefore an important tech hub of choice, one of the best economies in the world with high standards, forward looking policies, a strong infrastructure accessibility and a highly skilled workforce.

Concluding her keynote on a reflection, she notes how Malta’s strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean makes it a vital crossroads between commerce in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and far beyond.

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