[WATCH] Future Talk with Gordon Einstein: “You are trying to create scenarios to extract knowledge and information to shine the light forward”

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In the first episode of “Future Talk with Gordon Einstein” Gordon is joined with Profs Craig Calcaterra & Wulf Kaal to discuss decentralisation and tech

AIBC’s Future Talk with Gordon Einstein

AIBC Summit  teams up with Gordon Einstein in this new and exciting series called “Future Talk with Gordon Einstein”. This series solidifies AIBC’s position as the leaders in supporting emerging tech and innovation.

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AIBC’s Summit will head to Dubai in the month of May and will take place on the 25th-26th 2021. AIBC is one of the leading events globally for blockchain, AI, crypto, and other emerging technologies, and gathers together an elite selection of delegates, policymakers and thought leaders from across the globe. Therefore, it is no surprise that Gordon Einstein will be one of the speakers at AIBC’s upcoming show.

Wulf Kaal - AIBC News

                                                                                                                                                                                            Wulf Kaal


Future Talk’s first episode

In the first episode of Future Talk, Gordon Einstein sits down with Professor Wulf Kaal and Professor Craig Calcaterra. The two professors co-authored a book called “Decentralisation: Technologies Impact on Organisational and Societal Structure”. In the video they talk about the journey together, from meeting through Craig’s wife four years ago to collaborating with each other to develop innovative ideas.

Craig Calcaterra - AIBC News

                                                                                                                                                                              Craig Calcaterra


Wulf Kaal has a background in institutional economics and was taught by leading economists such as Douglas North an Oliver Williamson. He was very influenced by the framework of “how do you create institutions” which led him to write an article about decentralised jurisdictions.

Meanwhile Craig Calcaterra is a mathematician whose area of focus is in abstract dynamical systems which basically focuses on mathematical models that descriptive scientific situations that are very complex. For example, how quantum mechanics are modeled and how the stock market is modeled.

The two have a dynamic relationship as they work together to develop and present new ideas to the world.

During the video, Gordon, Wulf and Craig discuss centralisation and decentralisation such as how the global world is organised or how do we actually organise the future organisations and future ways that businesses and institutions are going to interact with each other. This will require people with different types of expertise to join together.

As Craig Calcaterra said:

“Problems of our modern world are diverse and broad and experts are all narrowly focused and so it demands that people from different areas somehow collaborate and figure out how to develop something deep and broad”

The trio also go on to discuss the influence of new tech, like social media on current institutions that are not built well enough to cope with the influx of new tech since there they do not have sophisticated systems in place, therefore, institutions are not able to filter certain information.

Wulf Kaal highlights this problem by claiming:

“We are bringing information from the edges of society through technology (socialmedia) that haven’t existed before, through the creation of a decentralised mob. The technology sets up networks that did not exist before but they are not co-ordinated because society is built around institutions in centralised structures.”

Click the video below to listen to Gordon, Wulf and Craig discuss decentralisation and tech in more detail!


About AIBC Dubai:

AIBC UAE will take place on the 25th to 26th May, 2021, in the emirate of Dubai. The event will bring together key brands and individuals from the converging sectors of AI, blockchain, IoT, Quantum Tech to discuss and shape the future of emerging tech.

It is one of the leading events globally for blockchain, AI, crypto, and other emerging technologies, and gathers together an elite selection of delegates, policymakers and thought leaders from across the globe. Such international recognition has helped propel AIBC Summit become a favourite on the world circuit for emerging tech conferences and expos.

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