Anna Frankowska – There’s lack of awareness and education

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An exclusive interview with Anna Frankowska

Anna Frankowska, Head of Growth and Business Development at Pigzbe sat down with the team at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit to discuss what’s holding blockchain mass adoption back. “When it comes to blockchain mass adoption, the barriers I can see come down to classical traditional start up paradigm – which is building great products which people love, that offer something more than just other technologies that are out there. “The market is already so polluted with web 2.0, in order to persuade people to switch to dApps the product has to be something more, it needs to answer the needs of people. The on-boarding process of users needs to be easy, right now it’s quite challenging and not a really user friendly journey for the mass market. In the end people won’t care if it runs on blockchain, it needs to serve the right purpose. “Many people don’t understand basic things like what the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain, so there’s also a lack of awareness and education which are just additional steps we need to overcome.

And how will blockchain change the world?

“What I love is the possibility of using blockchain technology to tackle the problem of unbanked people or people without identity. Right now Microsoft is working with ID20202 Alliance and trying to tackle this problem and the UN have created a sustainable development goal agenda – and one of the technologies they say is used most often to tackle these issues is block tech.”
Watch the full interview below: