TigerKing Token launched to fund legal team

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Netflix icon Joe Exotic has launched his own meme currency TKing based on the Ethereum Blockchain

Tiger FelonThe infamous Oklahoma tiger zookeeper Joe Exotic, who rose to stardom via the popular Netflix show “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”, has launched a meme cryptocurrency in collaboration with a tech team comprised of supporters, stating openly that this is a method of raising funds for his legal defence team. Profits will also partially be donated to wildlife rescue.

Joe Exotic is currently facing a prison sentence of 22 years for violating federal wildlife laws and two failed murder-for-hire plots targeting his show antagonist, Carole Baskin. However, he is pursuing efforts to start a new trial.

The TKing coin was launched on May 18 with a trillion tokens, 35% of which have already been burnt. Joe Exotic kept a disclosed number of tokens, from which funds will be generated. The currency is designed to be highly deflationary, with a 2% burn rate for every transaction.

A similar hype to dogecoin is anticipated with this brand-backed meme coin. Currently the price of a TKing Coin stands at $0.00000459 per token.

Despite the open statements of the coin being a fundraiser for a man convicted of hiring a hitman, the developing team has elaborated on long-term investment plans. It appears that fears that coins similar to Doge will flood the industry, will come true, at least temporarily.

CAT CaroleThe move fits into the Netflix narrative, of two zookeepers supposedly protecting wildlife having an odd but very intense clash. Shortly before TKing was launched, the show rival Carole Baskin launched the CAT token, a cryptocurrency reportedly aiming to support the Big Cat Rescue fund. The official website of Joe Exotic states “We will never let Carole win.”

With the current price of CAT standing at a surprising $0.2141, Baskin leads the Netflix crypto battle pricewise. Nonetheless, the launch of TKing has made a visible dent in the meme token’s value, setting the stage for two speculative rollercoaster stocks.

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