Stripe soars towards a $500 million milestone in risk-averse market

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Payments company Stripe is making headlines with its decision to delay going public despite achieving a significant milestone of positive cash flow.

Stripe has expressed that it is not hurrying towards an initial public offering following a year of positive cash flow and an increase in its private market valuation to $65 billion. The company, which is a key player in Silicon Valley, informed investors that it processed over $1 trillion in payments last year, marking a 25 percent increase from the previous year and aiding in its recovery from a period of devaluation.

John Collison, co-founder and president of Stripe, highlighted the significant achievements of 2023, including reaching $1 trillion in payment volume and attaining positive cash flow. He noted that while Stripe’s historical financials are not publicly disclosed, the company has been focused on growth and development.

As one of the most valuable private companies in the U.S., Stripe stands alongside notable entities such as SpaceX and OpenAI. The company’s valuation has fluctuated, peaking at $95 billion in 2021 before dropping to $50 billion and recently rising to $65 billion.

Despite anticipation for Stripe’s IPO, the Collison brothers, who lead the company, prefer to wait for more stable market conditions. They emphasize that profitable businesses have more options than those reliant on external funding.

To facilitate liquidity for employees and early investors, Stripe conducted a sale of approximately $1 billion in employee stock. In 2023, the company also raised $6.5 billion from venture capital investors, enabling it to address tax liabilities related to employee stock units.

Anticipating a $500 million run rate

Stripe’s primary business involves creating payment infrastructure for various companies, complemented by a range of tools for revenue, tax, and billing management. The company anticipates its suite’s annual revenue run rate to surpass $500 million in the coming year.

While Stripe has not revealed its overall revenues, it is known that the company’s net revenue reached around $1 billion in the third quarter of the previous year, despite being unprofitable in 2022. The venture-backed company landscape has been cautious about seeking additional capital at potentially lower valuations, with some now facing a cash shortage. Industry reports suggest that up to two-thirds of venture-backed startups may need to raise funds this year.



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