Open Source revolution – transforming the landscape of AI

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Posted by Lea Hogg

At AIBC Eurasia, Jayden Sage delivered a keynote on Open Source that was nothing short of articulate and eloquent. His passion for the topic was palpable as he spoke about the transformative power of open source in the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Jayden Sage: a visionary voice at AIBC Eurasia

Sage began by addressing the unnerving reality of our world, where we are constantly seeking to replace ourselves with AI. He cited the example of OpenAI’s intention to invest a trillion dollars into a specific type of chips. But what is our alternative?

According to Sage, our saviour lies in Open Source because it gives us a voice, much like how blockchain has provided us with a decentralized system. In this unique time and with this unique technology, open source continues to empower us. However, the benefits of Open Source are also its risks.

Open Source has no walls. “It’s like an open garden where people can pluck any flowers they want,” said Sage. But he explained that this openness also attracts the attention of governments, who are looking to use AI to maintain a military edge.

Sage argued that Open Source needs to be managed differently. “The positive way forward is to stay ten steps ahead. If we can do that, we can remain ahead,” he added. “The key to competing is our intellectual property. Our edge is the power of the people.”

Sage believes that we can shift the dynamic as we have the numbers to build an alternative narrative. We can collectively come together and develop something as a global input. In the open source world, there are no biases. It has contributors from competing nations with a global scope from AI. This is the only way that we will not be replaced. We will have a partner, and in this way, we can live better.

For health, for wars, the same technology is being used to help the few. But humanity has the opportunity to build the most powerful technology to speak in the one voice of humanity and see us as one. We hold the power.”

Sage concluded his keynote by reminding us of our long history, such as the Chinese civilization’s 5000 years. If we start seeing Open Source as a way to deliver a collective way forward, we will finally be able to have the winning hand in this game. We can win if we come together.

About Jayden Sage

Jayden Sage is a visionary in the field of AI and Open Source. His passion for these topics is evident in his articulate and eloquent speeches. He is a strong advocate for the power of the people and believes in the transformative potential of open source. His keynote at AIBC Eurasia was a reflection to his commitment to these ideals.

The AIBC Eurasia conference is a world-leading event focusing on AI and Blockchain technologies. The conference, which took place in Dubai, UAE from 25th to 27th February 2024, drew leading figures from the emerging tech world to the Middle Eastern metropoles for cutting edge technology. The event aimed to unite policy-makers, developers, C-suite executives, and legal experts of the burgeoning AI and Blockchain sectors. The conference featured educational panels, inspiring keynote speeches, workshops, and networking events. The conference also included an expo, which served as a nexus for entrepreneurs and investors. With the United Arab Emirates prioritizing cutting-edge technology through opportunities for funding and attractive taxation schemes, AIBC Eurasia provided a glimpse into the world of tomorrow.