Samsung to develop cutting-edge metaverse hardware solutions

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The Korean mobile company Samsung in partnership with Google has announced that it would soon enter the metaverse and VR headset markets

The business revealed that it is already developing “extended reality” gear, which may be a reference to the creation of a VR headset.

This alliance between Samsung and Google is crucial as it brings together two businesses with rich backgrounds in both hardware and software development.

While Google is a pioneer in software development and the maker of the well-known Android operating system, Samsung has a long history of making high-quality hardware, such as smartphones, televisions, and laptops.

TM Roh, the Head of Samsung’s mobile experiences division, confirmed the existence of such a device but did not specify when it would be made available. However, he did name Qualcomm and the fabless semiconductor maker Google as partners. Roh said to The Washington Post:

“Many different companies have been making these announcements about different realities, so we have also been making similar preparations, no less than any others.”

Samsung’s determination to compete in what is anticipated to be a crowded market may be the result of a shift away from typical smartphones and towards something more.

According to Nokia, another company pioneering phone technology, metaverse technology will displace smartphones in the second half of this decade.

Samsung joins the ranks of those who have already released metaverse products, including Meta and HTC, as well as those who have plans to do so soon, like Apple.

According to Ro, Samsung’s new tablet would employ a Google-powered OS and a Qualcomm CPU that was created specifically to perform better in virtual reality applications.

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