Samsung announces blockchain-based security Knox Matrix, for its smart devices

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The security platform is capable of offering defense-grade security, which is employed by top-tier governments all over the world.

To improve the security of all its devices, Samsung will introduce the Samsung Knox Matrix at the Samsung Developer Conference this year.

Samsung KnoxThe top smartphone manufacturer declared that it would create the security platform Samsung Knox Matrix using blockchain technology. The security platform is capable of offering defense-grade security, which is employed by top-tier governments all over the world.

The Knox Matrix system’s goal is to increase the security of a multi-device environment by having each smart device keep track of the activity of the others and communicate access information in order to improve the login process through “multi-layered mutual monitoring.”

Its latest blockchain-based security solution for “cross-device experiences” is called Knox Matrix. This indicates that every Samsung device within the network, including smartphones and home appliances, is covered by the security layer. Samsung claims that the new technology would simplify login and protect against unauthorised access. Device-to-device sharing of credentials will be used to protect sensitive data and guarantee security.

The company said in a statement “Samsung Knox Matrix will function as a user’s own private blockchain system, wherein your connected devices enhance security through multi-layered mutual monitoring. In order to protect users’ smart homes from unauthorised access and to make the login process more convenient, Samsung Knox Matrix will share credentials device-to-device and protect sensitive information even between trusted devices.”

The release states that regardless of whether they are based on Android, Tizen, or another OS, all Samsung devices will make use of Knox Matrix and receive a uniform SDK.

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