Reno: a city built on the Blockchain

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From the eponymous Bitcoin whitepaper first published in the aftermath of the Global Finance Crisis, Blockchain technology has come a long way. From potentially allowing a new path towards data sovereignty to empowering the medical industry, we may be on the precipice of Mass Adoption. One city is taking one step further than most.

America’s first city-backed blockchain ledger, the Biggest Little Blockchain

A play on Reno’s “the Biggest Little City in the World”, the Biggest Little Blockchain is an ambitious step in a new direction. Built by BlockApps, this program is set to become the first city-run and resident-oriented blockchain platform in America. The project is set to cost the city nothing and, while being built on the Ethereum blockchain, is distanced from cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, an advocate for the technology who eyes Reno’s transformation into a tech hub, elaborated in depth about this move.

“I’m excited that the Biggest Little Blockchain showcases the usefulness of blockchain technology for all Reno residents. Citizens deserve transparency and accountability from their government, and this new pilot project empowers every Reno resident with easy access to information, and how fitting that we are starting with the historic buildings that are the heart and soul of our community.”

On his end, the Vice President of Sales at BlockApps Jeff Powell chimed in to elaborate on their own participation in the project as well its implications.

“BlockApps is happy to partner with the City of Reno on the first of its kind city-run blockchain project. BlockApps has always been a pioneer in blockchain implementations, and it is a great opportunity to work with the City of Reno on their own groundbreaking initiative.”

What the tech does

The Biggest Little Blockchain is being created on BlockApp’s STRATO platform with the Blockchain itself being a secure digital registry for transactions. In contrast to other classical Blockchain applications, STRATO is purposefully built for resilient data storage and record keeping as well as allowing data sharing and collaborating on multiple systems simultaneously.

While plans are in the making for an expansion of the system should the rollout prove successful, Reno’s Register of Historic Place is set to be the first database to benefit from Blockchain augmentation through the ability to request “Certificates of Appropriateness” for any alterations on the relevant properties.

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