QANplatform, the world’s first quantum-resistant ETH-compatible L1 coming to AIBC Dubai

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QANplatform is a quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform that will allow developers and enterprises to build quantum-resistant smart-contracts, DApps, DeFi solutions, NFTs, tokens, and Metaverse

The quantum threat is real – the US White House has set deadlines in January 2022 to prepare for the cybersecurity threat opposed by quantum computers. Agencies shall identify any instances of encryption not in compliance with NSA-approved Quantum Resistant Algorithms until 18 July 2022.

Quantum-resistance is a critical area of development within distributed ledger technologies, as exponentially powerful quantum computing poses a serious threat in its ability to crack public cryptography.

This risk cannot be understated. Current security protocols in place across the industry (including for Bitcoin) boast the claim that it would take 10 billion years to be decrypted, but a fully-realized quantum-computer would reduce this closer to 10 seconds according to research from Verizon.

QANplatform saw the threat coming earlier, so it could soon provide a solution to this cybersecurity problem. QAN blockchain platform should be seen as a game-changer – offering the earliest quantum-resistant interoperability for crypto’s biggest ecosystem. Johann Polecsak, co-founder and CTO of QANplatform, was keen to highlight the massive challenge his team has overcome. “I’m pleased to announce that QANplatform is the very first Ethereum compatible quantum-resistant Layer 1 blockchain platform on the planet,” highlighted Polecsak.

Quantum-resistant blockchain at AIBC Dubai

AIBC Dubai is pleased to announce that QANplatform, the quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform will have a booth (Nr. B9) in Dubai 20-23 March 2022. Johann Polecsak, Co-Founder and CTO of QANplatform will be speaking at the main stage on 21st March at 16:00. The title of his presentation: “Will Quantum Break Crypto? The Truth”.

What is QANplatform?

QANplatform is the quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform that will allow developers and enterprises to build quantum-resistant: smart-contracts, DApps, DeFi solutions, NFTs, tokens, Metaverse on top of the QAN blockchain platform in any programming language.

QANplatform will tackle fast adoption by building integrations to existing and widely used and loved programming languages (all Linux Kernel compatible languages), DevOps technologies (Docker, Kubernetes), major cloud platforms (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform…), Indexing and Oracle APIs (Chainlink, Band Protocol).

QANplatform is Ethereum EVM compatible. All of the projects who are running today on Ethereum, like DEXes, NFTs, DeFi solutions can migrate easily to the Quantum-resistant QANplatform.

QANplatform is the first Layer 1 blockchain that rewards developers after each new smart-contract deployment and each public blockchain (MainNet) transaction for a lifetime where their code part is getting reused by other developers.

Thanks to the Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) consensus algorithm developed by QANplatform, validation (“mining”) can be done even with a mobile phone or Raspberry Pi on QANplatform. Thanks to the low hardware and energy requirements, everyone will be able to join as a validator on the QAN public blockchain (QAN MainNet).

QANplatform has 4 IPs (Intellectual Properties) that were developed by the QAN team besides the many technological and economical innovations:

  • QANplatform’s unique Multi-language Smart-Contract Development Methodology makes QANplatform usable to 28M programmers by letting them code in any programming language.
  • QANplatform’s unique Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language will secure QANplatform ecosystem members against quantum computer attacks.
  • QANplatform’s unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) algorithm will make the QAN public blockchain the greenest blockchain on the market yet remain decentralized.
  • QANplatform’s unique Rapid cloud platform deployment.

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AIBC returns to the United Arab Emirates:

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