Possible IPO for Silicon Valley fintech startup after failed Visa deal

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Zach Perret, the CEO of the Silicon Valley startup Plaid, has first-hand experience in navigating a failed sale as a result of the collapse of its deal with Visa after the Covid-19 upheaval. A possible IPO is probably on the books.

Plaid’s deal with Visa

In January 2020, Zach Perret established on what seemed like a dream-come-true for his Silicon Valley start-up, Plaid. The plan was simple: Plaid was soled to Visa for a staggering US$5 billion, a deal that would bring prosperity to the company’s employees and investors. However, as fate would have it, a global pandemic and regulatory scrutiny abruptly disrupted Perret’s meticulously laid plans.

From promise to uncertainty

Plaid’s core function is to enable customers to connect their bank accounts with various financial applications, whether for online mortgages, money transfers or digital trading. These financial apps pay Plaid for providing this connection. The deal with Visa was set to revolutionize Plaid’s future, but it all took an unexpected turn.

Communication was crucial

As the Covid-19 crisis brought chaos worldwide, Plaid and Visa found themselves terminating the deal due to antitrust concerns from regulators, just 12 months after initially agreeing to it. Meanwhile, the pandemic had triggered an increase in demand for digital banking services, precisely the kind of services Plaid facilitated. With the uncertainty of the Visa deal looming over his employees, Perret faced a daunting challenge of pursuing a rapid business growth strategy while providing a sense of security to his team during a global health crisis.

Perret quickly realized the crucial role that communication played during turbulent times. He instituted company-wide town hall meetings twice a week, offering employees an open platform to ask questions and voice concerns. Perret explains, “There are times when your team needs to hear from you every single day. They need a leader that’s front and centre. Things are changing really rapidly. They need direction and they just need really clear decision-making.”

Staying true to the mission

Throughout this difficult period, Perret maintained an intense focus on Plaid’s mission: to “democratize financial services through technology.” While the circumstances were evolving rapidly due to Covid and the failed deal with Visa, the fundamental mission remained intact. Perret said that the mission of a company barely changes. The goals though may need to be modified as was the case with Plaid as a result of the pandemic.

Zach Perret’s journey from a small town in North Carolina to founding Plaid and navigating its challenges highlights the resilience required to thrive in the fintech industry. The story of Plaid is one of adaptability, clear communication, and an unwavering commitment to a mission, even in the face of unexpected setbacks. As the fintech sector continues to evolve, Perret remains dedicated to leading Plaid towards its ultimate goal, with an eye on an eventual initial public offering (IPO). His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: “Talk to everyone you can.” In an ever-changing industry, Perret’s experience serves as a valuable guide for those considering the path of entrepreneurship and growth in the fintech sector.

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