Olga Yaroshevsky to appear as special guest on IC Hub

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Olga Yaroshevsky, the esteemed Managing Director of AIBC, will be participating as a special guest in an upcoming live event on IC Hub. The event will be aired live on YouTube and can be viewed here.

IC Hub is a powerful blockchain platform for Web3 development that is committed to pioneering the future of Web3 development in the Philippines. They are dedicated to catalyzing transformative projects through the power of ICP. IC Hub organizes community meetups and provides news and updates on the IC ecosystem, serving as a vital resource for those interested in the space.

The event will be hosted by Julienne Indiongco, also known as Modern Mulan, and Nelson Lopez, the co-founder of IC Hub. Their passion and dedication to the IC ecosystem have made them key figures in the community.

Olga Yaroshevsky has made significant contributions to the blockchain industry through her role at AIBC. Her expertise and insights are highly valued, and her participation in the event is eagerly anticipated.

Host and participants

Nelson Tung Lumbres, (Co-Founder of ISLA Camp and ICP Hub Philippines), is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of robust experience in the Banking and Telecommunications sectors. He specializes in growth strategies, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge to drive business expansion and development.

Nelson has been an adopter of blockchain technology since 2021, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach and adaptability. He recognizes the transformative potential of this technology and has a keen interest in exploring its applications and implications.

His combination of industry experience, strategic expertise, and passion for blockchain technology positions him as a key figure in the Web3 development space. Nelson Tung Lumbres continues to contribute to the growth of ISLA Camp and ICP Hub Philippines, shaping the future of blockchain technology in the process.

Juliane Indiongco, (host), also known as Modern Mulan, is a multifaceted professional with a diverse range of roles and experiences. She currently serves as the Growth Lead at ISLA Camp, ICP Hub Philippines, where she plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and development of the organization.

As an entrepreneur and content creator, Juliane leverages her creativity and business acumen to create value and impact. Her entrepreneurial spirit is complemented by her background as a licensed pharmacist, adding a unique dimension to her profile.

But what truly sets Juliane apart is her advocacy for Web3. She is a staunch Web3 advocate, committed to reshaping the landscape of education accessibility through the power of technology. Her mission is to leverage the transformative potential of technology to make education more accessible and inclusive.

In essence, Juliane Indiongco is a dynamic professional, a passionate advocate, and a visionary leader, making significant strides in the world of Web3 development.

Olga Yaroshevsky, (special guest), a renowned content strategist, writer, and journalist, is currently the Managing Director for AIBC global brand. She is recognized in the global blockchain community for her significant contributions in media management and content work. Her role at AIBC involves creating strategies, partnerships, and content for conferences across the Middle East, LATAM, Asia, and EU.

Since 2018, she has been leading the content strategy for NexChange Group, orchestrating large-scale international events both online and offline. Her interviews with prominent figures in the blockchain world, including Roger Ver, Brock Pierce, and John McAfee, are highly acclaimed.

Before her blockchain journey, Olga worked extensively in journalism in Moscow and Kyiv, Ukraine, and later moved to the United States in 2014. There, she pursued an academic career teaching Russian language and literature. She holds a PhD in Russian literature (philology) from the Russian State University for the Humanities.


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry leaders and learn more about the future of Web3 development. Tune in to the live event at 1pm CET, today Thursday 2 May.

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