Nobody NFTs surge past 10 ETH in trading volume

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Renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow, (in photo above), introduced a pioneering collection of profile picture non-fungible tokens (NFTs) named “Nobody” earlier this month.

Celebrated for his legendary work in movies like “Kung Fu Hustle,” this collection has amassed an impressive trading volume, exceeding 9,695 Ether (ETH), equivalent to around $23 million, with a daily turnover of 2,713 Ether.

On the same day, Chow, displaying his solidarity with the Nobody community, changed his profile pictures across various social media platforms to the distinctive Nobody Avatar. He sought engagement and suggestions from his followers, asking for ideas regarding community events. Encouraging his fans to follow suit, Chow ignited a wave of enthusiasm among supporters of the Nobody movement.

Looking ahead, the developers behind the Nobody project expressed their commitment to expanding the Nobody intellectual property (IP) ambitiously. Drawing from Stephen Chow’s prior successes and incorporating innovative strategies, they aim to propel the Nobody IP into the limelight through exemplary initiatives, aiming to bridge the gap between Web3 native IP and the conventional Web2 market.

Further bolstering the project’s momentum on 10 Jan, Chow teamed up with cryptocurrency exchange OKX to conduct a whitelist giveaway for Nobody NFTs. The response was overwhelming, with over 125,000 users participating in the airdrop, vying for a share of the 2,500 available Nobody NFTs. Notably, the total supply of Nobody NFTs is capped at 10,000 units.

Impact of Stephen Chow’s ‘Nobody’ NFTs

According to developers, holders of Nobody collectibles are granted exclusive privileges, enabling them to actively contribute to the project’s evolution. These privileges include but are not limited to proposing ideas, engaging in co-creation endeavours, voting on crucial matters, and participating in the development of Nobody IP.

The inception of the Nobody collection traces back to 6 December 2023, when Chow announced his collaboration with Chinese-American rapper Jin Au-Yeung, also known as MC Jin, for the creation of Nobody NFTs. Hosted on the Moonbox platform, a Hong Kong-based AI and Web3 startup dedicated to launching AI-powered NFTs within the arts and film sector, this collaboration marks Chow as the platform’s pioneering content creator. Notably, Moonbox recently secured a $2.5-million funding round in August 2023, with a valuation of $50 million, spearheaded by OKX Ventures.

In summary, Stephen Chow’s “Nobody” NFTs have not only garnered remarkable trading volume but have also cultivated a vibrant and engaged community, poised to propel the project to even greater heights in the evolving landscape of NFTs and digital art.


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