Metaverse: The future and the blockchain

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The AIBC Americas – Brazilian iGaming Summit’s third day simply did not disappoint, bringing a far more poised focus on Web3 technologies.

As part of these invaluable insights, the SiGMA/BiS stage saw a panel dedicated to understanding the part Web3 technology has played in the progression of the Metaverse.

Disrupting the World of Web3 Gaming and Sports with NFTs and Metaverse Tools

The panel commenced with moderator, Luiz Persechini, CEO and Co-Founder of Sherwa, who introduced the panellists in attendance, Ney Neto, the Head of Upland Latin America, and Caio Barbosa, the Founder and Co-CEO of Lumx Studios.

The Metaverse and the Future

Neto stressed that the Metaverse is very much alive, with millions of people actively navigating and engaging with it. While acknowledging the existence of failed and discontinued projects, he remained resolute in its continued existence.

Furthermore, he explained that this is only a part of the continuously evolving nature of the Metaverse’s concept and such technology will succeed despite changing trends and hype.

This nature makes the Metaverse vibrant and future-oriented, extending beyond specific platforms or products. It envisions interconnected spaces with diverse approaches and alternative uses.

Lumx: Leverage Web3 as a Web2 specialist

Barbosa spoke on his organisation, Lumx’s mission, providing Web3 infrastructure to Web2 companies, enabling them to leverage blockchain technology in various ways, bridging the gap for companies to enter the Web3 space, even without technical expertise.

Lumx achieves this by providing highly experienced support, proven tools and expert guidance for successful blockchain implementation.

Through Lumx’s work, companies can benefit from the staples of Web3 in decentralisation and transparency, as well as improved data integrity and trust among stakeholders.

The crucial role of interconnectivity and integration

Metaverse the future and the blockchain.
Luiz Persechini, Co-Founder and CEO of Sherwa Online.

The vital importance of interconnectivity and integration between the Metaverse and the platforms used to access it to grow the ecosystem was also mentioned.

Users’ experiences will improve through consistent identities, asset transfer, and cross-platform interactions, fostering dynamic relations across the metaverse.

Persechini emphasised that transferring blockchain-based digital currencies, in particular, across metaverse platforms would enhance user engagement, creativity, and economic opportunities.




Upland: Blockchain building the Metaverse

As a prominent voice in the Metaverse space, Upland strongly advocates for the integration of blockchain technology, not simply on the periphery of the Metaverse space but as a foundational element.

This is due to all the factors that were previously mentioned, including transparency, decentralisation, interoperability, and standardisation.

Additionally, Blockchain also has the potential to incentivise participation and contribution within and for the Metaverse. Allowing users to receive rewards for their contributions to the ecosystem.

Open Metaverse Alliance

Neto concluded the panel by highlighting the Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA), a collaborative movement inviting builders, start-ups, and tech companies to contribute to the Metaverse’s development.

OMA, built on principles of inclusivity, open collaboration, and knowledge sharing, aims to shape a vibrant and diverse Metaverse ecosystem for a positive future.


The next destination for the industry leading summit is the storied capital of the Philippines, Manila. AIBC Asia will be bringing unparallel expertise and a plethora of premium networking opportunities from across the globe to the iGaming and emerging technologies metropolis on the 19th to 22nd of July, 2023.

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