Launch of accelerator programme for DAO projects

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DAO focused accelerator programme Seed Club Ventures has launched its venture arm out of stealth mode with a US $25 million DAO fund to be made available to DAO projects in long term and value aligned capital.

The idea of the start up came about in the third quarter 2021 and with over 60 investing members that include crypto venture capital firms, it has already backed a number of projects such as Guild, Stability Al, Lens and Metabel forming part of the expanding web3 ecosystem.

We are excited to come out of ’stealth’ and officially announce ourselves. – Seed Club Ventures announcement. Seed Club is a DAO for builders at the intersection of builders and culture with three areas: an accelerator, a community of members and now the venture arm. The thesis is centered around shifting from web2-created platforms like YouTube toward web3 creator economies where the value is shared by creators in communities” Anthony Avedissian, Co-founder of Seed Club Venture

Communities have ownership

Avedissian believes that this is the right moment for the internet and crypto to have ownership. He confirmed that half of the venture arm’s members are “individuals in the crypto space” and the other half is a mix of traditiaonl VCs, corporations and family business offices. Crypto venture capital include crypto venture capital firms like Multicoin Capital, Delphi Digital and Dragonfly Capital.

NiMa Asghari, co-founder at Seed Club Ventures, describes crypto as one of the big pieces of the puzzle. Asghari believes that that ownership was a missing element but through this fund, access and opportunity are given to communities that may require a source of funding.

Capital will be deployed

Investments would start from US $100,000 to a maximum of US $1 million depending on the scalability. Project investment would take place at pre-seed or seed stages and would be used to build infrastructure and acquire tools and applications for DAOs, tokenized communities, guilds, squads and metalabels.

Communities will be able to have more flexibility and track contributions in a transparent environment. They can automate rules and tasks to run on code, reducing the need for a corruptible centralized intermediary. Communities will become vital in decision making.

Decision making for communities

DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) have gained much momentum over the last couple of years but there is a downturn in popularity.

We’re seeing projects maturing and going from this paradigm of all-in-one tooling in the DAO space to being more modular and open, and that’s one of our core values. We don’t want to invest in just one ‘Salesforce’ in the DAO space; we want to back many projects and have them interoperate together,” NiMa Asghari – Co-founder

Asghari adds that as the company continues to build infrastructure in an efficient and fast evolving environment with emergent use-cases and applications in verticals where crypto-native tools and principles can be applied.

Accelerator and studio

Seed Club acts as an accelerator and studio to service social token projects to support them while they build momentum and are ready to launch. The studio’s function offers consultancy on how to market and launch tokenized communities. It also serves as a network hub for connecting founders, communities, mentors, investors and angels with interests in token projects.  Seed Club members include NFT collectors and creators, social token professionals, Web 3 builders, angels, venture capital funs and investors.


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