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Irina Heaver meets up with Victor Olmo, a Partner at New Tribe Capital, a VC that is committed to investing in and mentoring projects that add value to the Blockchain ecosystem

Irina Heaver: You run New Tribe Capital – an early stage crypto investment fund with over $100 million under management. Tell us more.

Victor Olmo: Our New Tribe Capital VC is actually more of a family VC. We chose to do it together, we see the value of not only providing capital to a new startup, but also in providing support.

We go above and beyond to do whatever we need to help with tokenomics. I know this from first hand experience. We are just a group of nice people who saw the potential of something and invested in it. We’ve got the money and we’re happy to help build the ecosystem further.

Irina Heaver: Do you think that’s the future of investments? Do you think projects are not looking just for money but also support?

Victor Olmo: About a year and a half ago, when New Tribe was formed, our vision was to invest in people. So whenever we have a project, we actually have multiple calls with the founders and support them as much as possible, whether with centralized exchanges, launch parts, or fundraising. If you’re investing money in a project it’s because you believe in the project. You want that person to succeed. It doesn’t really cost a lot of time and effort.

Irina Heaver: I understand that economics is your big passion. You like digging into history, you like digging into the economic part of it. Tell me more about that.

Victor Olmo: History tells us that there is a shift in economic structure over the centuries, which happens maybe once every hundred years – factories revolutionized the 19th century, now I believe digital assets will do the same for the 21st.

This shift is actually one of the primary ways that the capitalist economy has to distribute the wealth. Let’s take as an example the strongest economy in the world – the US. The average net worth of an individual is about a hundred thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the 1% are at the 10 million mark.

So if we assume that each of them gets a 5% ROI a year over 10 years, the average person worth a hundred thousand dollars will get $163,000. However, someone worth 10 million will get 16 million. In the run up to those 10 years the difference was only 9.9 million, but after nine years, it’s actually 15.9 million.

So that’s an increase of 60 percent. So I’m very bullish on a change of economic structure, because we can see that there is a process happening where digital assets replace physical ones in an inevitable trend that is going to happen throughout the 21st century.

Irina Heaver: So do you see a big wealth transfer happening as well?

Victor Olmo: I’ve been given so much in this space that paying it forward to all members of the community was something I thought was right to do. While we don’t give financial advice, whatever knowledge. I have, I share.

In Dubai we have a group of friends that do the same thing. Whenever someone wants to get into crypto they actually go for a coffee, they meet them. The hope is that this person, once they have the knowledge, will continue to spread it. The potential of our space is massive. The way I see it is we’re just getting started. We cannot obviously avoid the rich from investing in digital assets, but we can lower the tier for people whose income is not so high, so they can have the opportunity to invest in something fantastic.

Irina Heaver: Do you see GameFi as a path towards digital assets adoption?

Victor Olmo: The traditional gaming industry is massive, so eventually it will evolve across the whole of the crypto space. So do I believe that it’s going to be a good path for transition and adoption? For sure, but I think not only for gaming but DeFi as well. DeFi is a massive industry that is booming at the moment. Why? Because there is a race for innovation that doesn’t happen with traditional finance. It’s a race to see which one is going to have the best product.

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