Grand Theft Auto 6 might feature crypto trading

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Ravindu Dabarera

One of the most popular game franchises of all time might feature in-game crypto trading, according to rumours

With the game itself not being confirmed yet, rumours have sprawled that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature in-game crypto trading next to the in-game “fiat” currency. The information was leaked by Tom Henderson, who according to, is a reliable source with a reputable network to have leaked truthful information on other AAA video game titles like Battlefield or Call of Duty. After all, his job is described as professional leaker.


Grand Theft Auto is a game series based in the United States in which the player takes up the role of a gangster, usually down on  luck at the beginning of the story, and fulfills missions to gain wealth and credibility along the plot. In this sense, big fish contractors of the protagonist will use the in-game cryptocurrency to discretely transfer large amounts of money as payment for successful heists. Henderson states there will even be a stock exchange, through which the player will be able to exchange various currencies of the game universe, though it is unknown how many there will be.

GTA GameplayThere was talk of a “Bitcoin” in the game, however it is rather likely that only fictional brands will be chosen. Several car types of prior games, including Coquette for Corvette as an example, had resembled clear references of existing brands, the direct use of real world names has always been avoided however. Nonetheless, the player base, which is expected to reach numbers in the upper seven digits or even beyond, will be able to experience crypto trade, possibly sensitising large groups to crypto trade.

Subsequently, the game could encourage newcomers to join real life trading, if the rumours are correct. On June 12, the E3 games convention in Los Angeles will commence, an annual event where developers tend to make big announcements. The publisher of the series, Take-Two, will be present, and many fans and business insiders anticipate a confirmation of the next GTA installation.

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