Generative AI’s societal integration

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The AIBC Eurasia Summit saw a phenomenal wealth of knowledge and some incredibly innovative insights grace the shores of Dubai. Not least this scintillatingly intriguing panel on Generative AI’s integration – “The Debate Over ChatGPT: Is It Advancement in Technology Or A Tool For Cheating?

In this intriguing and gently tensive exchange, SEO authority Luca Tagliaferro and CEO of Global Crypto Council Jayden Sage discuss the risks and the benefits of embracing or simply accepting generative AI such as ChatGPT into society. Throughout their exchange they attempt to find a certain balance and place to install ChatGPT in daily life and beyond, both in an individual and professional capacity.

The immediate benefits of Generative AI

Jayden opened the debate with the indisputable fact that generative AIs of late have seen a veritable super growth that is undoubtedly exponential and perpetual in its nature. That we cannot deny the true power technology of this nature holds in the fact of its sheer knowledge and unprecedented pace.

Luca Tagliaferro
Luca Tagliaferro is ever optimistic about generative AI.

Luca would then be quick to reinforce this idea, digressing only slightly to the very minimal setbacks he believes AI could have. He stressed that these would only be a framing issue, that “the way we think about AI will change its implications drastically”. He explained that AI is applicable in ways that can be harnessed to solve a plethora of humanity’s issues at scale. From controlling your thermostat and heating, ensuring maximum efficiency and prudency with one’s funds to far more globally impactful aspects such as predicting natural disasters and supporting renewable energy projects.

The diversion

Jayden Sage
Jayden Sage showed a concerned scepticism for generative AI.

This was not met with a directly converse reply by Jayden, who instead likened the infrastructures surrounding ChatGPT to some kind of diversion of attention. Providing users and the world essentially, with its incredibly fast and accurate intellectual prowess while simultaneously taking data in the form of every keystroke attributed to an interaction.

He claimed that ChatGPT is succeeding in its first aim which is to garner our attention by providing more value to a user than if that user were to seek value from a more traditional path, that of perhaps speaking with someone else over instagram. By providing a more nuanced, balanced, focused and more accurate type of exchange, ChatGPT manages to divert our attention to itself. This then allows it to collect information about humanity, so that it may come to comprehend us and possibly overtake us. Jayden claims that “eventually you will figure out that your servant is your master”.

He would then move to another metaphor, to account for timing and the astronomically rapid growth of generative AIs. Describing a body of water, beginning as a shallow amount that covers our feet, and with every stride in innovation, starting with shoes and moving on to more complex concepts such as the agricultural revolution, the water rises. Continuing until it is above our head, our mind, which Jayden claims is seen by humanity as a whole as its biggest strength. Once the waters of innovation submerge our minds, Jayden fears it will drown us.

Luca returns a response of a far less speculative nature, claiming that evidence for these instances has simply not been seen, stressing that the uncertainty surrounding generative AI must not hinder the benefits we can garner from it.

This is not the way to look at technology, we should focus on how it can help people

Building on this he jokingly rebutted the metaphor of the water, claiming if we were to be submerged, we could design an oxygen system with the help of AI to let us breathe underwater.

Thrice-term effects and the genie

The debate then shifted to a question centred on time. Jayden laid out the concept of aggregation according to time related to the effects of generative AI. Using yet another metaphor comparing the tripartite model of affect with a genie that grants 3 wishes. The short, medium and long – term effects.

At the moment and for the near future he concedes that AI is helping speed up simple tasks. However, when the medium – term effects take hold the situation will mobilise drastically. In the medium-term effects, Jayden claimed that AI will take control of more complex tasks, such as overseeing the function of militaries and governments. Then he expressed his discomfort at the prospect of the long-term effects being uncontrollable.

Arguing that whatever these effects are, the possibility that they could be catastrophic is enough to prepare as if we were certain of a poor outcome. Quoting the ancient Chinese general Sun Tsu,

All battles are won before they are fought

Going on to a speculative argument, regarding the ultimate preservation of the human race. Jayden communicated how he believed that with all the competition in the creation space of generative AI, that eventually governments will catch on to this and start to compete with each other. These AIs will have their own biases based on their programming, becoming so advanced competing with each other unhindered by a biological substrate, leaving humans in the dusk. Thus removing the controls regulators, governments and even the creators of these AIs have.

Luca remained steadfast on his stance, disregarding such a fantastical and impractical argument. Instead choosing to focus on further applications. Stating the knowledge the AI generates will be comprehensive and definitive. Ending many subjective and complex debates and allowing humans to progress from the results of greater understanding and rapport over an issue.

With AI there will be no more discussion (some things) will become very clear

AIBC Americas

In the next instalment of AIBC’s sensational events comes this June in the form the AIBC Americas Summit in Brazil. A wealth of innovative industry leading knowledge and innovatively inspiring professionals will be embraced by the tropically vibrant and cosmopolitan city of São Paulo.

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