GAUGECASH: The world’s first decentralised monetary system powered by and Polygon

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The first Defi monetary system in the world available to anyone anywhere for free – GAUGECASH

GAUGECASH is the First DeFi Monetary System in the World that is going to be available to Anyone Anywhere for free. It will see the light in Q1- 2022 with their innovations deployed technically with and Polygon.


In the last century-plus, there have been around thirty “Non-Domestic Currency Debt Crisis (typically inflationary deleve-ragings) “, causing millions of people to lose their wealth and transactional value.*

Within the Crypto Space we did not want another Stable Coin targeting the “USD 1”. USD doesn’t mean stability de facto. Between the major currencies, USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, and JPY. CHF was the only currency in the 21st century holding positive purchasing power (PP), which, in other words, means its relationship with Inflation was negative. Still, on January 15, 2015, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) abandoned its EUR/CHF unofficial floor at €1.20, bringing chaos across the currency markets because the USD/CHF was not competitive for the Swiss Economy.

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1. We have created an Index coming from the Final Market Making of the Forex Market that is more stable than any other currency in the world, including Gold and Silver. Anyone can check the historical behavior at

2. We will back up the value of the GAUGECASH by the blockchain class in itself, taking advantage of its economic scarcity property.


The First target is to take Tether’s already existing Volume of 100 Billion USD Average per day. Just this endeavor can make GAUGEFIELD one of the most profitable Investments in Modern Finance History.

The long-term goal is that GAUGECASH will be adopted globally as the benchmark for pricing and exchanging goods and services around the world with no Central Intervention.

JOIN NOW the Presale at Discounted Price at

The presale is live!. After these final weeks, we will raise the price of 1GAUF to 0.1 LINK, bringing a yield of ~ 40x. GAUGEFIELD will wrap only LINKS/MATIC to measure Yield timelines for Staking. Will we make it public through some state-of-the-art Defi Pools so investors can benefit big for going after Tether and then after the largest Financial Market in the World: EUR/USD.

If you don’t like all the obvious centralization and economic pitfalls of the Stable Coins based on reserves on traditional banks with basic Ethereum token representations, Tether, USDC, TUSD, and so on, take your Crypto and Invest in GAUGECASH.

*Non-Domestic Currency Debt Crises. Dalio, Ray. Big Debt Crises. Bridgewater. Kindle Edition.

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