Crypto progress in South Africa: Licensing surge as exchange applications soar

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South Africa has initiated the licensing of cryptocurrency exchanges, marking a significant step in the regulation and legitimization of digital assets within the country. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa has approved 59 licence applications from cryptocurrency platforms, setting a precedent for regulatory oversight in the burgeoning crypto market.

As the deadline of 30 November 30, 2023, approached, a wave of applications was submitted to the FSCA, reflecting the growing interest and investment in the crypto space. Out of a total of 355 applicants, 262 are currently being processed, with the initial 59 approvals granted on 12 March. This regulatory milestone is expected to pave the way for more approvals and increased stability in the crypto ecosystem.

The licences are regulated under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS), which aims to provide robust customer protections and empower regulators with enforcement capabilities. The act also authorizes the South African Reserve Bank’s Financial Surveillance Department to oversee the operations of these platforms.

FSCA Commissioner Unathi Kamlana has indicated that the licensing process is not only about compliance but also about discovery. “As we license and supervise, we will discover that perhaps there are gaps that cannot be closed by the existing regulatory framework, the FAIS Act. And we might need to build on that as we discover what those are,” Kamlana stated.

This proactive approach to regulation is a testament to South Africa’s commitment to fostering a secure and transparent crypto market. The country has been deliberating on the appropriate regulatory framework since 2021 and has now declared cryptocurrency a financial product, rather than a currency, aligning with regulations set to be finalized in 2023.


South Africa paves the way for crypto stability

The FSCA’s actions signal a new era for crypto in South Africa. By including stablecoins in its definition of crypto assets, the South African National Treasury is adapting its policies to accommodate the evolving nature of digital currencies. This policy change, announced in February’s annual budget review, further integrates crypto into the nation’s financial landscape.

As South Africa leads the way in crypto regulation on the African continent, it offers a model for other nations to follow. The licensing of crypto exchanges not only enhances consumer protection but also establishes a foundation for sustainable growth in the digital economy. With this regulatory clarity, South Africa positions itself at the forefront of crypto innovation, providing its citizens with a stake in their financial future and the global crypto narrative.


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