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Binance crypto compliance officer charged in Nigeria

Towards the end of February this year, Tigran Gambaryan, a top compliance officer at the world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance, embarked…

Posted: 23/04/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Seychelles’ emergence as a global crypto hub

Seychelles, a small nation in Africa known for its pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs, has emerged as a significant…

Posted: 17/04/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Nigeria’s crypto crackdown, a costly affair

  In a bold move to regulate the expanding cryptocurrency industry, Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed a…

Posted: 18/03/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Crypto progress in South Africa: Licensing surge as exchange applications soar

South Africa has initiated the licensing of cryptocurrency exchanges, marking a significant step in the regulation and legitimization of digital…

Posted: 14/03/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

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