Crypto developments and politics sculpting the future – the first day of AIBC Summit is drawing to a close

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With spectacular delivery our honorable guests took to the stage in Dubai, discussing current and coming voyages through the crypto cosmos in a breathtaking atmosphere

Eman SheikhsAs the sun sets on the Arabic peninsula, the team of AIBC Summit  and the accomplished attendees retreat to their networking spaces as the last of the phenomenal speakers wrap up their indepth talks on the blockchain industry. World leading entrepreneurs of  crypto have presented ideas, thoughts and observations on current trends and future processes surrounding DeFi, crypto regulations and central bank digital currencies.

More information about the trends and developments on the industry can be found in the newest issue of Block Magazine, published today.

The emirate of Dubai,  perhaps the most advanced blockchain hub of the world, provided the perfect environment for future-driven think tanks, with the Emirate Blockchain Strategy 2021 propelling the country to the forefront of financial digitalization. Insights to the advancements were presented by Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, founder of the Dubai Blockchain Center, setting the stage for several panels gathering the most accomplished geniuses of blockchain. “UAE are always looking forward, always to be different.”

threePeepsWalkIntoABarThe event, which was emphasized to be the first gathering for many speakers since the start of the Covid pandemic, and which still obliged to strict hygiene measures, spurred optimism for the industry. As his excellency Dr. Sultan Ahmed al Jaber, the Minister of State of the UAE stated in his speech preceding the first panel, “innovation has never been more important than now, while the world is recovering from the global Covid-19 pandemic.”

In the first round of discussion on the ways in which cryptocurrenices would transform economies, Anna Melton, the founder of, pointed out how the chances of the technology will not only enrich “highly technological societies, such as Dubai”, but also parts of the world which are struggling in technological development. “I think we’re still in the beginning”, Jorge Sebastiao remarked, “the future looks bright.”

Tone VaFor many speakers, the next step in blockchain is to facilitate access. “Decentralized means very little when you’re not a programmer.”, Raphael Shmertz, CEO of BR capital answered to Tone Vays, who is active in trading, events and on Youtbe, when he elaborated on the benefits of the decentralized Bitcoin. The enticing speech of Patrick Lowry on the sudden adoption leap in the UAE highlight how simpler access is the key to spreading crypto throughout the world across a large user base.

Alex Lightman, CEO of Keemoji, possibly a favourite of many listeners, elaborated on the spread of digital money to a billion people. He didn’t lose himself in theories. He is certain the numeric goal will be reached within the next decade, as analog money is dying of a ripe old age.

The speeches saw scepticism about the digital Dollar, as the project is not pursued at the adequate level by the US, scepticism of the digital Yuan due to privacy concerns, but great enthusiasm for the benefits of fair easy access crypto. Energy efficiency will be of concern for industrial thinktanks.

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)-2Brock Pierce, the former presidential candidate with his genuine and unique appearance, urged the makers of the industry to focus on becoming billionaires not of money. But instead he views billionaires to be people who have a positive impact on a billion lives.

The tone is set for a better and more democratic future through blockchain.

The second day of the event will continue with future perspectives, with speakers like Scott Stornetta focussing on long term development, and Stefan Beyer enlightening the audience on security concerns.

Tomorrow will also see the exciting opportunity for young innovators to present their ideas in the AIBC Start-Up pitch. The event will be streaming online for all those who couldn’t make it to Dubai.

AIBC Dubai:

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