Bitcoin’s primary use should be as an investment – Bobby Lee

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Interview with Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit speaker Bobby Lee

We caught up with Bobby Lee from the Bitcoin Foundation for his take on the future of infamous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin – and with almost a decade involvement he’s had plenty of time to think about its potential use cases. “I’ve been  in Bitcoin 8 years now, time goes by really fast. For the most part of 8 years I’ve thought of crypto as a means of buying goods or services, but lately I’ve had a change in that thought process. Even though Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and people can use it in their daily lives, for the next 10 years its primary use should be as an investment. Despite the fact that Bitcoin has grown so much in value, reaching 100 billion, I think there’s much more room to grow. I think it could reach and exceed gold which is 8 trillion dollars. I think the wider population will really benefit if they have their assets in a class of digital assets like Bitcoin that could grow another ten, twenty, fifty times. So I think investment is a great use case for crypto,” he said.

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Budapest, Hungary event


Budapest, Hungary

02 - 04 September 2024