AIBC speaker Brock Pierce announces US presidential bid

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Technology should be embraced not feared, says US Presidential candidate Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce, frequent  keynote speaker at AIBC summits, and co-founder of the EOS Alliance and stablecoin Tether, has announced his intention to run for President of the United States. 

Pierce will run on an independent ticket in the November election, campaigning on a vision for a prosperous future pioneered by 21st century technology. As he says in his campaign, ‘2020 gets better from here.’

“I’ve spent my life creating great things from nothing and I can help others do the same,” Pierce said.

“Entrepreneurs are essential to the rebuilding of this nation that we love, and I’m running in this race because I know that together we can help build a pathway towards the rebirth of the America we love so much.”

He goes on to say that technology should be embraced not feared: “It is here to enhance our institutions and improve our lives. Technology is a solution we should be proactively using, in the very near future the landscape of our country will forever change. 

“Innovations like AI will alter our workplace, in ways we can foresee and prepare for. This nation was built by entrepreneurs and this nation will be rebuilt by entrepreneurs driving us into a 21st century economy.”

Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and venture capitalist, credited as a leading voice in championing digital currencies – the founder of IMI Exchange, the world’s leading digital currency marketplace for games and IGE, a pioneer of digital currency in online games.

Frequently found on stage, Pierce is well known in the lecture circuits, having spoken at AIBC Summit, Singularity University, Mobile World Congress, Wired, INK, Stanford University, USC and UCLA.

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