ABEY token now available to trade on Liquid Global exchange

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ABEY, one of the world’s fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems, adds ABEY token to top cryptocurrency exchange

The ABEY Foundation confirmed last week that the ABEY token is now available to trade on top cryptocurrency exchange Liquid Global, signaling continued growth of the ABEY ecosystem.

ABEY continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing blockchain ecosystems, with over 100,000 users. Liquid Global is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platforms serving millions of customers worldwide. This listing on Liquid serves as a new milestone for the ABEY Foundation as it looks to make the ABEY token available to even more people around the world.

Spokesperson for ABEY, Simon Cousins said, “The ABEY Token is a key piece of the ABEY ecosystem’s commercial layer, which includes diverse DeFi, storage and database services. The ABEY team is delighted that Liquid Global has identified the ABEY Token as a fast-rising unit of value, and we thank Liquid for their endorsement.”

Liquid currently hosts over 800,000 customers, operates in over 100 countries, lists over 80 tokens, and has recently achieved an all-time high of more than US$1.1B trade volume in 2021. Additionally, Liquid is consistently ranked among the top 10-20 regulated cryptocurrency exchanges globally based on daily traded spot volume with deep BTC/JPY liquidity.

The price of the ABEY token has skyrocketed by over 400% since its first public listing on the ZBX.one exchange at around US$0.61 in 2020, now being traded around US$2.50 per token at the time of writing. With this new listing, ABEY token looks to continue its upward price trajectory as it gains exposure to Liquid’s massive user base.

“Today’s listing of ABEY token on Liquid Global is an exciting one for our exchange. Liquid is looking forward to providing the ABEY community with a reliable venue to acquire and exchange ABEY tokens & further develop the ecosystem,” said Seth Melamed, Liquid COO.

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