YetAi, the NFT project built on Solana and powered completely through Artificial Intelligence

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A collection of 8,888 unique NFTs, YetAi sets its sights on the ambitious goal of being built completely via artificial intelligence as well as offering its owners several utility functions

A sample of the several possible NFTs

Some of these include novel uses of AI on the Blockchain such as the ability to use an AI trade bot. This bot will automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies, simplifying the process by dispelling the need for users to study strategies or the parameters of the crypto markets as that is all handled by the AI itself.

Other utility functions include the rewarding of minters with 70% royalties from future NFT sales, exclusive access to community events such as conferences, seminars and parties as well as access to customized merch. YetAi is in the process of onboarding more people into the NFT space as the aforementioned seminars and conferences will be led by industry experts on the Solana-based Blockchain.

Due to the explosive growth of the NFT space and the veritable exodus of content creators and artists into it, the cost of minting NFTs as well as their market value has surged to unseen levels. With this is mind, YetAi’s development team believes that, through its foundation on the Solana blockchain, the nascent network has an incredible amount of potential in terms of the future of NFTs as holders will have access to fast, secure and low gas transaction fees. To this end, YetAi has outlined a roadmap of the path ahead with this including a number of activities timed with milestones relating to the percentage of the total NFTs sold. These include a series of YetAi merchandise and other assorted goodies for holders.

According to YetAi, Solana has the potential for being an extremely powerful bedrock for the creation of NFTs

While the pre-sale and whitelist dates have remained undisclosed, YetAi is currently planning for a scheduled token release around Q1 of 2022 with the token acting as a reward for NFT holders. This would act as a further incentive for the NFT holders to support the overall project with the tokens acting as governance tokens for the nascent YetAI community. One last interesting note is that a village is currently under construction in the metaverse on virtual land owned by the project. With a long-term vision more than palatable, the tribe has bold ideas for the future.

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