Woonkly Labs nominated as Crypto community of the year

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Help Woonkly with your votes to win the award at the Europe AIBC Awards 2021

Woonkly Labs has been nominated for the Crypto Community of the Year award at the Europe AIBC Awards 2021. After an important year, in which its tokens have settled with the first versions of Kubic and with the upcoming launch of its new social network NFT, the startup founded by Spaniards will compete with other projects such as Bit2Me, Freeton, Koda Cryptocurrency, SafeMoon and StakeBorg, demonstrating the notoriety achieved by Woonkly.

The awards, which will be handed out in Malta on 16 November, will be the icing on the cake of the AIBC Summit. The event has evolved since its inception in 2018 to become one of the most critical events in the world for blockchain and emerging technologies. These coming dates will bring together more than 9,000 attendees.

In this year, Woonkly has grown its community significantly, launching its AMM (Automated Market Maker) platform, Kubic, and announcing the different new features that will arrive both to it and the NFT social network in the future dates.

In addition, the team has had the opportunity to represent the brand at some of the best international cryptocurrency and blockchain events. They have been invited and of which they have been sponsors. The AIBC Summit is an example, with Woonlky being one of its sponsors and participating directly in it.

Woonkly now invites the entire international community to vote through the link (https://aibc.world/aibc-awards-2021-shortlist/) to put their community in the place it deserves.

With all this, the team highlights the greatness of their community, making this nomination possible and showing the world how great the Woonkly family is. They encourage them to continue to be part of it and expand it through their social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Twitter and Telegram.