Woonkly Labs’ NFT Social Network plans to change the rules of the game

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Ravindu Dabarera

The Spanish startup has already launched the first test version of its new social network to upload its NFTs

Woonkly Labs has already launched its great new product Woonkly.com on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet and announces the launch on the Ethereum main net in the coming days. Woonkly.com is a decentralised social network with AML protocols based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in which users can create unpriced posts, sell, purchase, auction and share their NFTs. The official launch will occur in the coming weeks and will feature a user-friendly, intuitive interface and excellent projection as part of the Woonkly ecosystem.

In the meantime, users can access the first test version of Tesnet, where it has been installed since the beginning, upload their first NFTs, and navigate through the new social network interface. Thus, the public is invited to log in by connecting their MetaMask, test it through the following link (v1.woonkly.com), and prepare for the long-awaited launch.

On Woonkly, users will create their profile and follow their friends, artists, and favorite brands and send private messages and comment on posts. Like NFTs, they can save them for later viewing and browse through dozens of traditional categories as well as others never before seen. In this sector there are some new features that will be talked about a lot.

At the official launch, with the integration of the BSC, the cost of transactions will be the lowest in the market. It will be possible to operate within it with WOOP, Woonkly’s native token, and other currencies and networks. In addition, it will be possible to buy and sell directly with FIAT in the coming months.

Woonkly.com, given its official launch, wants to take a step forward and make itself known outside it’s already extensive community. They have been growing so far without the media’s help and solely due to its CEO and founder, Daniel Santos, who has never even talked about Woonkly Labs to his YouTube community of more than 300,000 users. Now may be the time.

Meaningful Woonkly Labs partnerships with celebrities

In this pre-launch phase of the social network, they are creating important alliances with the soccer, music and basketball industries, among others, to possess very relevant characters from these sectors, create their profiles and upload their own NFTs.

In addition, among the novelties, work is being done in the field of metaverses to acquire some of them. Because of this, the Woonkly Labs project will take off even sooner.

How does the first version of the social network work?

In this first version of the social network, anyone will create NFTs quickly and simply. To do so, users must log in, select whether they want to make one or a collection (several copies of the same piece), upload the file from their computer (whose authorship must be their own), name their work and set a price. With this, one could start a career as a digital artist.

As if that were not enough, the user will possibly even sell their posts since all publications become NFTs instantly. Therefore, they are allowed to trade them if they wish to do so.

On the platform, users will browse through collections of art, photographs, music, domains, games, videos and much more to come.

To purchase an NFT, the user will need to select the piece and, once logged into their wallet, they can choose to buy it, ‘like’ it or participate in an auction. Sellers of NFTs will be able to decide at any time when to accept the highest bid they have received for the NFT.

At pre-launch, the Woonkly social network will go out on the Ethereum network and later, at the official launch, the Binance Smart Chain network will also be available. In addition, work continues on integration with other networks and an APP to facilitate the user experience.

What are the advantages and what does it have to bring to the world?

  • It is created 100% on blockchain.
  • All data entered by users belongs to the users (Woonkly is never in possession of your data).
  • All content uploaded to the platform (texts, videos, photos and audio) is hosted on the blockchain under IPFS (Interplanetary File System) Protocol.
  • In future versions (V2), advertisers will be able to virtualize their content using cryptocurrencies.
  • In future versions (V2), advertisers will be able to segment their campaigns decentralised.
  • The Social Network uses artificial intelligence to suggest quality content to users connected with the blockchain.
  • There will be new features that will benefit both advertisers and users in future versions, improving the advertising system and rewarding users for their interaction with the platform.
  • Users choose how, when and where to view content.
  • Each post will be an NFT in itself.


The Woonkly brand since 2017

The new Woonkly.com social network image will continue with the same colours and symbols accompanying the brand from 2017. With the blue infinity as a significant distinction, the brand will continue to grow since its launch in 2017 with these new projects.

Solutions and importance of KYC

To create a profile on Woonkly, it is necessary to pass the KYC process that allows us to guarantee the authenticity of the works for the benefit of buyers.

Woonkly users must pass a KYC process on buying, selling and withdrawing funds from the platform.

The inclusion of KYC, according to the Woonkly team, represents a breakthrough in the field of NFTs, as it legitimizes the ownership of NFTs and links them to real, identifiable people in the non-digital world. Thus ensuring the identity of a brand, creators and users, translates into a platform that avoids spam, scams and the falsification of the identity of brands or people, which is one of the biggest problems facing the non-fungible token industry today.

Likewise, the Woonkly team highlights that the use of the WOOP token has an excellent projection since the future version of Woonkly will offer its users the possibility of receiving benefits in WOOP for consuming advertising within the social network, in addition to the fact that all transactions carried out within the platform will be in WOOP, BNB and soon FIAT.

The launch of the Woonkly social network is the first milestone of a very ambitious project, which aims to create an NFT social network where people are the owners of their data. The team has set out to release new functionalities every month, a challenge they hope to overcome.

Presence at international events

To continue growing and presenting its new projects, Woonkly Labs will be present these days at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai and the AIBC Summit in Malta in November, some of the most relevant events in the sector. There it will showcase its products (woonklylabs.com and kubic.com), in addition to sponsoring them, which will put Woonkly on the radar of all investors and institutions globally.