United Fintech pioneers digital transformation in Dubai

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United Fintech has recently made headlines with the inauguration of its new office in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). This marks a noteworthy expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE), led by Athena, a partner company of United Fintech.

The UAE is acknowledged as a vital centre for financial technology, and United Fintech’s move underlines the country’s significance in this field. The company is poised to cater to the growing market demand in the region, a distinctive intersection where Western and Eastern influences converge.

United Fintech’s Digital Transformation platform, which is industry-neutral, is engineered to expedite banks and Financial Institutions’ access to a variety of innovative fintechs specializing in capital markets. The company is already experiencing considerable interest in the region, especially for Athena’s comprehensive Order Management System/Portfolio Management System (OMS/PMS) solution.

Christian Frahm, the CEO of United Fintech, (photo above), expressed his excitement about the expansion, stating that it signifies a strategic progression for the company. It expands the global reach of their industry-neutral Digital Transformation platform and caters to the escalating demands of the financial services industry.

Rasmus Bagger, the CCO of United Fintech, reiterated Frahm’s sentiments, emphasizing the substantial opportunity this expansion offers for the company. He conveyed his enthusiasm about expanding their client base and team in the region and playing a pivotal role in linking Financial Institutions with state-of-the-art technology providers, all within a unified platform.

Raj Rathor, the Head of EMEA Sales at Athena, also shared his thoughts on the development. He pointed out that United Fintech’s establishment in the DIFC considerably widens Athena’s prospects and augments their capacity to extend their services to drive technical transformation and enhance the operating models of asset managers and hedge funds in the region.

Dubai Fintech hub

United Fintech, established in 2020, boasts a workforce of over 160 individuals across eight countries, including the UK, Denmark, Spain, and the USA. Its platform offers access to a wide array of products from five trailblazing capital markets software companies: Athena, CobaltFX, FairXchange, Netdania, and TTMzero.

United Fintech recently announced an executive reshuffle and welcomed Danske Bank into its circle of institutional investors. Danske Bank procured a stake in the company, which was founded by Christian Frahm. The firm’s mission is to serve as the backbone of finance in the digital era, accelerate innovation, and unite the finest fintech founders on a single platform by acquiring startups, optimizing their business, and incorporating them into a fintech one-stop-shop for banks, brokers, hedge funds, and asset managers.

United Fintech aims to promote an efficient symbiosis between customers, banks, and technology, resulting in sophisticated solutions for automating workflows, simplifying onboarding, delivering efficiencies, and reducing costs. Other significant stakeholders in the company include BNP Paribas and Citi.

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