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Irina Heaver meets up with Anthony Lesoismier Geniaux, Co founder of SwissBorg to discuss how the gaming sector is leveraging blockchain technology to bring players new opportunities to collaborate, compete, and earn.

Swissborg: From ICO Survivor to Crypto Unicorn

One of the things which is very unique to SwissBorg is your SwissBorg family, what are you delivering to your community that makes them such huge supporters?

When you look at marketing strategy or growth strategy, you can always find ways that help you to grow your user base. But there is no strategy when you bring a message of honesty. When you speak from your heart there is almost something mystical that is happening. People connect. It’s not about the service they will receive. For us it has never been about having the best promotion or the best incentive, it has always been about communicating.

The goal of the company or project is not to earn money. It’s a nice, let’s say collateral effect of having a mission, but it’s not the reason why you create a company.

You want to facilitate a future, a vision for this planet and for people. We know that there are things that need to be fixed in the traditional world, such as a very limited amount of access to wealth management. As a human, the most important thing is to belong. We all want to belong to something, to be part of the crowd.

You have invested in some amazing projects. Tell me about SwissBorg Ventures.

The initial idea of SwissBorg Ventures is born from witnessing that one of the greatest outcomes of crypto and blockchain is to allow anyone to invest in it, letting people with great ideas more easily finance their vision. When you look at the traditional world, few ideas manage to secure funding, but there are thousands of ideas that are coming to fruition in cryptos.

It comes with good and bad but in the end it is fantastic because this is a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship that has opened this door. It’s all about building the mission because there’s so many projects out there.

You need to know yourself to become a better investor. So for us the goal is to design a good investment experience where people can discover who they are as individuals and integrate more and more crypto into the way they invest.

Until now technology that has achieved mass adoption has only benefited the few – spending a few hours feeding data into the system only to be rewarded by a small rush of adrenaline and never getting back any value. With blockchain we now have a chance to change the game. I think in the end we see the greatest outcome from technologies that free our time, allowing us to do things that we love and that we believe in. So from many to many, instead of from many to few – our goal is to invest in projects that do this.

Swissborg Ventures: The next generation of Blockchain projects

So are there specific industries that SwissBorg supports, any trends that you’re seeing in the crypto space that you are focusing your attention on?

So I think one of the industries that we’re looking at specifically is gaming that leverages blockchain technology. What we’ve seen in 2021 is more and more people using crypto, or rather buying crypto, because the use case for crypto has so far just been speculation. Most of the people that buy crypto are not really using it. I think we need to design experiences that invite people to use crypto. The beauty of crypto is that it can be used.

Gaming is one of the industries that will really help this to happen, and so that’s one of the reasons why at SwissBorg we’re very excited about investing in games, to help them to see that there is value besides speculation.

At the end of the day when you design a game and inject the crypto and blockchain economy it gives an even stronger sense of community. It helps people to create value within the game and these values belong to them. They don’t belong to the game developer, which is the beauty of it. Our mission is to help people to get access to the value they create within technology and virtual reality. I see several trends emerging in the GameFi space.

The first one is moving from play to earn, to play and earn. So enjoying playing and eventually earning something, either by accumulating rewards in the game through NFTs or coins or by becoming an e-sports star.

Today I think there is no reason why if you’re very good at playing a game, it couldn’t also be your profession. A hundred years ago if you were good at football or tennis you would just play for fun, it was hard to imagine yourself being a professional because the infrastructure was not ready. Now we’re ready and I think blockchain will just accelerate. And with games come guilds. So we also see tokens that have merged with the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization.

What they do is recruit players to play within games – so now you can become part of these guilds, play games and accumulate rewards. It facilitates economic growth as well, because even if you’re a student on a low budget, you will still be able to find the means to play and bring value back to the guild through the DAOs.

What GameFI and blockchain can bring to the table is the opportunity to collaborate, compete and earn. You can send special features or items from the game to your friends through your wallet – that is going to bear value. It’s not just a free sample to lure you to the game, to spend money. Now you have true value – you’re invited by your friend to participate within this game economy. It’s created a completely different narrative, which is why I think it’s going to accelerate adoption.

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With the peninsula being known for its natural beauty, rich cultural landscape and fantastic delicacies, the Balkans are renowned for having some of the most quintessentially Mediterranean vistas and experiences. From the Adriatic coastline of Split to the fairytale-esque castle of Lake Bled, the region has a lot to offer the world. This being said, something that fewer may know is the fact that the nations of the Balkans are incubating a nascent but powerfully growing technical expertise when it comes to frontier technology such as Blockchain, AI and more. Therefore the region may not only be a rich adventure into the past but my also serve as a window into the very near future.

Join us in Belgrade for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of Deep Tech. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at [email protected]

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