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In our Spotlight Asia series we’re celebrating some of the leading innovators and game-changers in the emerging tech sectors across Asian markets. It’s a guide to who-to-know and how they’ve shaped the industry for the future, an invaluable source focused on the up-and-coming and established minds in the emerging tech space.

As the rate of innovation increases exponentially through technologies such as blockchain, AI, and IoT, there’s a new breed of high-achievers entering the space. Others have further solidified their place in the sector with years of experience informing their ideas.


Chen Weixing co-founded the blockchain-based ride-hailing service Dache Chain

Chen Weixing is the co-Founder of blockchain-based ride-hailing service, Dache Chain, and CEO of app development startup, Fun City.

He’s also had a hand in the founding of Kuaidi Dache in 2012, a Chinese taxi-hailing mobile application that was a strong competitor of Didi Chuxing before they decided to merge in 2014, keeping the name of Didi Chuxing and becoming the largest ride-sharing app in the country.

Dache Chain is looking to be the first taxi-hailing application to integrate blockchain technology, and is to be worked on through a collaboration with Yang Jun, co-founder of one of the country’s biggest group discount apps, Meituan.

Heading Fun City, he focuses on developing and operating a wide variety of web games and mobile internet applications.


Dr Vince Gao founded the age-and-health focused genetic research company

Dr Vince Gao is the founder and CEO of Govita Technologies, and has more than 18 years of experience in the life sciences.

He held various positions with a litany of companies including and not limited to Executive President of Health Division of BGI, a variety of executive roles at AB Sciex, Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca, and a scientist at Hemagen.

Govita Technologies is a genetic research company which applies advanced genomic, metabolomics, bioinformatics and pathway intervention-based technologies to make the applications of preventive medicine more proactive, personalized, and progressive.

Using advanced techniques, they are looking to better understand what, why and how to improve human health and premature ageing, and also focus on the pre-empting of diseases.


Billy Leung has helped CASHOFF expand to a vast array of countries

Billy Leung is the director of CASHOFF, and started his first business at the age of 8 and explored 40+ countries across 6 continents.

He was a speaker at Finovate, Slush and a number of Fintech conferences in the US, Europe and Asia.

CASHOFF is a Fintech company established in 2013 and a member of the world’s best-connected communities on finance technology, such as Level39, Innovate Finance, Cyberport. In the past five years they managed to establish four offices, with headquarters in London, a research and development laboratory in Moscow and Yaroslavl, and a centre for strategic business development in Hong Kong.

They have a vast knowledge in data aggregation, analysis and enrichment, breakthrough technologies and a rapid response to the market needs that move banking services forward, making them more advanced and customer loyalty oriented.


Dan Lejerskar founded the educative AR & VR focused company

After spending a couple of years long stint with Volvo as a Design Manager right out of University, where he led the Design of the Exhaust Main Engine Nuzzle for the Ariane 5 European Space Project focusing on numerical simulation, he then went on to found a number of companies in the technology sector.

He founded companies such as PKAB in 1987, a company that focused on numerical simulation for virtual reality and interactive 3D, and co-founded EON Reality and RealityBUY Inc in 2000 and 1999 respectively.

EON Reality is currently a world leader in Virtual Reality and Augmented reality-based knowledge transfer for industry education, and edutainment, where they believe that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every human on the planet.


CoC is a blockchain-based platform for charitable organisations

Charities on the Chain is an open platform developed by Alibaba’s Philanthropy arm and Ant Financial’s blockchain team whose aim is to provide transparency for charities, donors, and beneficiaries, and keep track of donations.

Donors would also be able to view where their donations were used.


What do you think of our list? Do you agree with our choices? Tell us who you think should be featured in November for the European edition – or create a list of your own and share it with us!


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