San Francisco’s MaintainX secures $50 million in Series C Funding for industrial AI operations

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MaintainX, the pioneering San Francisco startup specializing in industrial maintenance software, has quietly announced a game-changing achievement: the successful closure of a $50 million Series C funding round.

Spearheaded by prominent investor Bain Capital Ventures (BCV), this funding round places a valuation of $1 billion on the company, propelling MaintainX into the coveted realm of unicorn startups.

The infusion of capital is earmarked for accelerating research and development, fortifying artificial intelligence capabilities, and expanding the company’s footprint within the industrial landscape.

Growth and innovation

Established in 2018, MaintainX has swiftly risen to prominence with its mobile platform designed to empower frontline workers. This platform facilitates seamless communication with supervisors, task monitoring, access to manuals and checklists, and efficient issue reporting.

However, MaintainX goes beyond mere task management; it aggregates and analyses data from diverse sources, including sensors, equipment usage, and parts inventory. The result is a wealth of actionable insights and recommendations aimed at optimizing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

MaintainX’s software has found resonance across more than 6,500 clients spanning various industries such as manufacturing, energy, hospitality, and food and beverage. Household names like Duracell, Marriott, Volvo, AB InBev, McDonald’s, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture attest to the broad applicability and impact of MaintainX’s innovative solutions.

Chris Turlica, MaintainX’s CEO and co-founder, shared the company’s vision of forging a “zero-downtime future” for industrial operations. This ambitious vision centres on harnessing artificial intelligence and real-time data sets to proactively identify and mitigate potential breakdowns and operational challenges.

Meeting the needs of a transforming industry

Chris Turlica, (in photo above), further emphasized MaintainX’s commitment to catering to a new generation of frontline professionals and procurement managers. These individuals prioritize user-friendly and intuitive software solutions in an era where decision-makers in the industrial sector are no longer traditional IT professionals. Instead, frontline workers, plant managers, and maintenance supervisors are seeking software that is easy to deploy, integrate, and use.

Merritt Hummer, a partner at Bain Capital Ventures, who spearheaded the investment and joined MaintainX’s board of directors, expressed admiration for the company’s growth, product quality, and high customer satisfaction. She highlighted the potential synergy between Bain Capital Ventures, with its portfolio of more than 400 companies, and MaintainX. This collaboration presents an opportunity to introduce MaintainX’s innovative software to existing industrial and manufacturing companies within BCV’s portfolio, potentially fostering additional growth.

Shaping the future with AI in industrial maintenance

As the industrial maintenance sector, valued at over $49 billion globally, witnesses a rising demand for software solutions that optimize workflows, reduce costs, and ensure compliance, MaintainX stands at the forefront of this transformative wave.

With a 13-fold revenue growth since its 2021 Series B round, MaintainX’s strategic funding underscores investor confidence in its mission and its adept use of artificial intelligence for revolutionizing industrial maintenance.

The presence of influential figures, including former GE CEO Jeff Immelt, further cements MaintainX’s position as a key player in reshaping the industrial maintenance landscape through the power of AI and big data.


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