OKX DEX expands with new Solana cross-chain swaps for global users

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Global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange OKX introduced Solana blockchain cross-chain swaps on its decentralized exchange (DEX) on Wednesday, January 17.

OKX’s latest Solana integration is set to facilitate a swift and seamless asset bridging between the blockchain and eight other major networks.

This introduction also enables users to quickly transfer mainstream assets across these nine major networks. With the new update, users can now transfer their tokens across Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Tron, and OKTC.

The bridge across these networks provides easy access to the growing Solana ecosystem and its burgeoning DeFi and NFT projects. By bridging Solana tokens to other main chains, traders gain exposure to new earning and trading opportunities while easily moving value across chains.

This feature is currently accessible to all OKX users on both mobile and web platforms, with an expanding selection of Solana bridges to meet evolving user demands.

OKX’s Solana campaign

Considered a leading global Web3 technology company, OKX is favored by many due to its suite of products for both beginners and experts. OKX Wallet, DEX blockchain, and NFT marketplace are among them.

On the same day as the announcement of its Solana integration, OKX launched its ‘Solana Super Season’ campaign. The campaign encourages users to engage with the Solana blockchain’s ecosystem and trade Solana-based tokens.

The ‘Solana Super Season’ campaign, featuring three promotions and competitions, aims to reward participants with a share of a prize pool totaling up to US$150,000.

One part of the campaign, the Solana Futures Season, will run from January 18 to January 31, 2024. It allows eligible users on OKX’s centralized exchange to vie for a portion of a 100,000 USDT reward pool by trading specific perpetual listings.

Winners, determined by the top 50 users with the highest Profit and Loss (PnL) percentages, may also enjoy a 10 percent boost on their PnL percentage score by joining within the campaign period. Additionally, the first 3,500 eligible users trading at least 25,000 USDT worth of specified tokens will receive 350,000 BONK tokens.

The Marinade Bonus Event, active from January 2 to April 1, offers users an enhanced APR of up to 2 percent on staked SOL in Marinade Finance’s liquidity pool on Web3 DeFi. Staking mSOL in Orca V3’s SOL-mSOL liquidity pool can yield extra rewards.

Lastly, the ‘Cryptopedia Solana Season,’ starting January 10, rewards users interacting with Solana DApps via OKX Wallet’s Cryptopedia. Users engaging with DApps such as MarginFi, Jupiter, Meteora, Sniper, and Kamino Finance stand a chance to receive Solana-based airdrop rewards.

More promotions

In the coming weeks, OKX plans to unveil additional promotions and a trading competition as part of the ‘Solana Super Season,’ including the ‘Solana Season Showdown’ for OKX DEX users. This showdown offers an opportunity to claim a share of a US$25,000 Solana-based token reward pool.

“With the launch of the ‘Solana Super Season’ campaign, we’re excited to offer our users a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Solana ecosystem and experience its benefits,” Haider Rafique, the OKX Chief Marketing Officer, said.

Previously, OKX has had a history of collaborating with major brands and athletes. Some of them include Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1, The Tribeca Festival, Olympian Scotty James, and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. The company also advocates for a new Web3 self-managed technology paradigm through its global brand campaign, “The System Needs a Rewrite.”

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