NFT-based slot launched by Red Tiger

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A slot game integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was released by Red Tiger, an Evolution-owned game developer – a first for the industry titan

In NFT Megaways, a six-reel seven-row slot that creates a crypto-pixelated environment, Evolution is showcasing four unique CryptoPunk digital artworks. Created by Larba Labs, there are four CryptoPunks in the game: CryptoPunks 914, 3008, 4701, and 8143, which are all unique and unusual looking.

They function as Wild Symbols in the game, appearing exclusively on the CryptoPunks Bar and substituting for all other symbols that can pay out prizes. These low-paying symbols will be collected by any CryptoPunk who happens to arrive on this bar.

For each low-paying symbol gathered, the CryptoPunk’s multiplier increases by 1. As a result, the CryptoPunks multiplier can reach a maximum of 30x, and up to two Crypto Punks can appear on the same reel. The multipliers of two CryptoPunks who participate in the same winning method will be added together.

“At Evolution we have a long record of innovation and being first with distinctively different new ideas,” said Evolution chief product officer Todd Haushalter.

“With all of our group brands our goal is always to offer players the most feature-rich and vivid gameplay possible. In essence, it’s all about creativity and originality and that’s why the CryptoPunks were such a great fit for us.”

“One of the open questions in this community is how to display your NFTs and we thought this was a really fun way to do that, where there’s a chance for lots of players to admire them and also to interact with them in a completely new way,” continued Haushalter. “We are honoured to now be part of the crypto-asset history.”

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