New and improved update for Tesla’s self driving AI

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The new software update will promote complete self-driving, through the new Full Self-Driving Beta update

According to Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, the electric vehicle’s artificial intelligence is set to become even better in their new software update.

Tesla is famous for its self-driving technology and they have been constantly researching ways to improve in machine learning and other departments in AI to develop features that will enhance it’s vehicles performance, such as its automatic wiper feature.

However, Tesla are not the first car manufacturer that has implemented this feature but many other automakers use a rain sensor to detect the intensity of the rain. The speed of the wipers are adjusted automatically depending on the rain level.

So how are Tesla different from the majority of car manufacturers?

Tesla are testing its computer vision system via its cameras to detect rain and snowfall intensity. The wipers will then be adjusted automatically according to that information.

Tesla has created a new “Deep Rain” neural net to handle this. At first, it was not as efficient as the already existing traditional rain sensor but it has improved over the years.

These issues have been addressed, reportedly, through a new and improved update to Tesla’s computer vision capacity called the new Full Self-Driving Beta update.

Elon Musk has been hinting that Tesla will be moving to a completely vision-based system, meaning that it will no longer rely on its vehicle radar system.

Elon Musk - AIBC News

“When radar and vision disagree, which one do you believe? Vision has much more precision, so better to double down on vision than do sensor fusion.

Sensors are a bit-stream and cameras have several orders of magnitude more bits/sec than radar (or lidar). Radar must meaningfully increase signal/noise of bit-stream to be worth the complexity of integrating it. As vision processing gets better, it just leaves radar far behind.”

All the drivers utilising Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta will all experience the update which focuses on complete self-driving. However, the drivers will still be fully responsible for their vehicle and must pay attention at all times, to be ready to take full control at times.

Tesla’s major software revision is rumoured to be Tesla v11, and it is expected to be available with the rejuvenated Model S and Model X deliveries.

Source: electrek

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